10 Easy Breakfast in Bed Ideas to Embrace This Valentine

Hi guys. It's that time of the year where we show our loved ones how much they mean to us. Yes, we might have been showing them every day in some small ways (I mean, that's what love is about, yes?) but Valentine's Day is the one day you are permitted to be corny and mushy without being questioned or called "love-struck". This post is especially unique because in all honesty, a lot of guys would not do this on a normal day. Why not stand out and begin the day of your lover with a huge smile on her face when she wakes up to a nice breakfast prepared by you? The beauty of this little act (or huge act, depending on your cooking skills) is the thought behind it. This is definitely something your woman will always remember.

I have made a list of simple meals you can prepare for your girl without taking the whole day or burning down the house…LOL. These meals are safe because you really can't go wrong with them. My list ranges from "Chef" to 'Complete klutz" in the kitchen. So fear not, guys. Even if you can't cook to save your life, I am certain that you would find something on my list that you can make. Just remember, it's the thought that counts.

Toast Bread

Depending on what you know your girl likes, you can toast slices of bread with sardines, eggs, corned beef or a mixture of one or two or all of these ingredients. In a bid not to make it too heavy or ruin the taste altogether, you can stick to just one of these ingredients then. It is also possible to toast just your bread and use any type of spread on it later. I particularly like plain toast with sugar sprinkled on it. You can achieve that by sprinkling sugar on the slices of bread before toasting them.


Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Coco Pops, Frosties and the likes have never failed when you're keeping it simple. To add a dash of finesse, you can dice some fruits and put it in the mix. Apples and bananas go well with cereal. You can also sprinkle cereal on a cupcake or ice cream if you want to be a little different. No one said breakfast on Valentine's Day had to be so healthy, yeah?


With eggs, it is possible to be very creative. They are surely your go-to ingredient for a quick breakfast. You can make plain white eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, egg sauce or even a simple boiled egg and if your woman loves eggs, you're sure to score cool points. Eggs go with bread, yam, plantain and even simple vegetable salads. For a fancy breakfast your girl would have thought you'd never be able to make, there are a million and one recipes online for how fancy you can get with eggs, and even better. These meals are easy to learn and they are not time consuming.


With a waffle maker, it is easy to make breakfast without sweat. Even better now, there are waffle mixes available and all you need do is add water and you're good to go. If you are daring or you actually know how to cook, you can start your waffles from the scratch and give it a little more kick than what your normal waffle mix would taste like. If you can make your waffle from scratch, you can easily add ingredients to switch the flavor to what your woman likes. Moreover, the beautiful thing about waffles is that you can decide to add any kind of topping. Be it sprinkles, fruits (apples or bananas go very well), ice cream, syrup, caramel or jam, waffles would go with almost everything.


Oats are a kind of cereals but they don't exactly fall in the category of the ones I mentioned earlier. Simple oats with fruits diced in them would make for a great simple breakfast where you don't have to sweat it out in the kitchen. This might seem too simple but it all boils down to what your girl likes.


Sandwiches are basically two or more slices of bread stacked on top of each other with fillings in between. Your variations could come from the kind of bread you use or the kind of fillings you use. I especially saw one kind of sandwich that blew my mind; bacon and chicken waffle sandwich. This is basically waffles stuffed with chicken, bacon and cream. It is so simple and fanciful, and there is absolutely no way it will not taste good.


LOL! I'm certain you're wondering why this is not the first on the list. Pancakes are easy to make and you could get really creative in making them. They are also as versatile as waffles in terms of toppings. Just think of anything edible. You can put them on pancakes. Imagine how romantic it would be if your girl woke up to a plate of pancakes with a big heart drawn on it with maybe jelly, ice cream or syrup. You can also cut your pancakes into the shape of hearts. Who wouldn't love that? I think it's your best bet for a romantic breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day morning.


You might think that noodles has become a daily affair in the lives of people, but the catch is that people don't usually make noodles as fanciful as you would make it on this day. It's simply an instant meal for when you're hungry. Take your time to make her noodles and garnish it so well that the aroma would be what wakes her up from sleep. You can garnish noodles with carrots, pepper, onions and the likes. Diced grilled chicken in a plate of well-garnished noodles is my favorite.


It is not common knowledge that doughnuts are actually healthy breakfast food. This will actually give you the edge because it will come as a pleasant surprise to your girl. Doughnuts with a cup of beverage, juice or yoghurt would go a long way in setting your woman's day right.

Ham, Bacons, Sausages

For your garnishing, stuffing and even just to eat, these ingredients are perfect for any breakfast you have in mind. There is absolutely no breakfast idea you might have where they won't fit.

Note that I didn't exactly list drinks here. This is because they will certainly make a part of your breakfast with no doubt. So with whatever breakfast you pick, you should also make sure there is a cup of her favorite chocolate drink, tea, milk, yoghurt or juice to go with it. Also remember that breakfast is the first meal of the day and that is why it should be kept simple. Therefore, heavy or too much food is not a wise idea. Please do not surprise your woman with a breakfast-in-bed meal of eba or fufu with her favorite soup…lol

There you have it guys: a nice list to ease your stress of thinking of something easy to make for your special lady. So why don't you begin by finding your recipes online and getting set for that special day? To make the day flawless, you can begin to practice from now. And make sure to keep a fire extinguisher nearby…lol.