15 Make-Up Bag Essentials

Make-up has become a way of life; a routine you might say, for most women in this part of the world. Nowadays, it is rare to go about without seeing a lady with even the slightest make up on her face. This isn't to say that women wear make up every second of the day, no, but then for those fancy events, dates and even for going to work, it is okay to want to look a bit different from your normal look. That's fine.

Some of us ladies like light make up, and some of us prefer our make up to be a bit bolder. In all, there are some items we can't do without. From the little make-up purses we have in our handbags to the very massive make-up boxes that make-up artists use, there are still some similar items to be found in both. These items are essential to any kind of make-up you want to wear.

Note that these Make-up Accessories are not necessarily the beginning and the end of make-up but with them, you can get a flawless look still after applying your make up on your face.

1. Translucent Powder

This is one of the most important make-up essentials. It used to give that flawless finishing touch after all other make-up has been applied.

2. Tinted Moisturizer

This is actually a product that combines make-up and moisturizer. It helps to hydrate the skin and definitely improves the skin tone. It allows room for less make-up and it conceals acne.

3. Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencils are used to give the eyebrow a defined and full look. Shades which suit your skin tone should also be considered.

4. Brush Set

Basically these are the tools that give you the perfect blend and finish to your make up. With a good brush set, you can pull off any make up style you want, be it light or heavy.

5. Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is a very popular make-up product which is applied on the eye lid under the eye brow to make the eye area more attractive. It comes in very amazing colors. There is definitely no color you need to rock that you won't find, from the very natural colors to the bolder colours.

6. Concealer

Usually a temporary fix for dark spots on the face, it makes the face more smooth and flawless because it hides the spots created on the face by acne and the likes.

7. Eyeliner

These products are used to line the rim of the eyes and inner lash lines. It is always advisable to use a soft pencil to avoid applying too much pressure to the eye when using the eyeliner.

8. Mascara

To give your eye lashes that full, defining look, you should use mascara that does not leave clumps.

9. Foundation

When shopping for this product, you should go with the color that is barely visible on your skin. You can achieve this by choosing a few colors and applying a little quantity across your jawline. This helps in finding what shade or color suits you best.

10. Lipstick

We don't need to be told twice that as ladies, we should always have our lipsticks around in our make-up bags. Light colors like the nude color, bright colors like the red color and the darker shades like the burgundy color are favorites for ladies these days.

11. Tweezers

Tweezers are used to remove stray hairs around the eyebrows, especially if you don't want to keep shaving off the hairs all the time. Tweezers pulls the hairs from the roots and keeps them from growing back quickly.

12. Blush

In selecting a blush, it is sensible to go for the shade that best suits your facial complexion.

13. Make-up Remover

This is probably even the most essential item to have in your bag. It is very important to clean off your make up before sleeping. So whether it is wipes, or cleanser, it is very necessary to have a good product with which you can wipe off your make up at the end of the day.

14. Q-tips

Q-tips in a woman's make-up bag are used especially for applying concealer to highlight the eyebrow or cleaning off a smear of make-up so that you don't end up ruining the whole thing if you use wipes or tissue.

15. Exfoliator

An exfoliator is just as necessary as every other item in your make up bag. It helps to remove dead skin and unclog the pores on our face that are mostly blocked by dirt and the make-up we apply on our face.