Do you remember how your heart skips when it seem like your microwave is about to go on fire? This powerful appliance has been around for a while and some of us haven't really gotten the hang of it. It helps us heat us things quickly and in some cases cook certain foods but can also be harmful.

We are aware of the many things a microwave can do. Find out what you shouldn't do with a microwave.


This might be a little surprising but anytime you decide to just put on the microwave with nothing inside for the fun of it, think again. Putting on the microwave with nothing inside is like setting a bomb on self. There is nothing to absorb the waves like your food would and this would make the microwave absorb its own wave and eventually explode.

Sauces without a Lid

Have you ever microwaved red sauce or any sauce at all without a lid? Please don't, unless you want to find out the hard way. Microwave your sauces yes, but put a lid on it so you can avoid making a mess.


Why would you even want to microwave an egg? Oh, you want to hard boil it and you consider this to be an easy way out? Well, we would advise that you don't even try. The heat from the microwave would be absorbed by the egg which would create a lot of steam within the egg. Since the steam has nowhere to go it would only explode leaving you with a big mess to clean up. This is why you should never microwave an egg.

Styrofoam Containers | Disposable Packs

Most of us would have probably experienced this. You would probably like to reheat your packed food and then leave it in the microwave for a bit longer time. This makes the pack melt, which can release poisonous chemicals into your food. Generally, plastics are not meant to be microwaved such as yoghurt and butter plastics, unless it clearly states on the pack that it is microwavable. The heat would melt it leaving you with a mess to clean up and no food to eat.

Aluminium Foils and Metal Containers

Unless you are looking to start a fire in your kitchen would you microwave any form of metallic material. Metals and microwaves never go together and this is stated in every microwave instruction manual. Foils and small chop packs cannot be microwaved; it would start a spark or fire which will cause your microwave to explode. Next time, when the thought of heating up a metal crosses your mind, think again. Apart from your microwave going boom, you will also incur unbudgeted expenses.


I know what you might be asking now, who on earth would want to microwave a fruit. Well, you might just be surprised. There are several fruits that might be able to withstand the heat however, it is very important that you don't microwave any type of fruit. Grapes would explode; raisins will start a smoke; watermelons would explode whether frozen or not. Don't put any fruit in the microwave.

Breast Milk

This might be a little surprising as most mothers store their milk in fridge and would want to heat it up for their baby. It is very important that you don't use a microwave to do that, you can heat it up using other means. Microwaving breast milk can be very harmful for your baby's health; it promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. It also kills the powerful bacteria fighting agents that are contained in the baby milk.