7 Weird Things Sold Online in Ethiopia

There are certainly some strange things sold online these days that will either interest you or cause you to laugh your hearts out. Over here are a few of the weirdest items listed for sale online in Ethiopia and you will agree with us – they are REALLY weird.

1.   One Ethiopian Birr sold for 60 Birr

Ever wondered why one Ethiopian Birr will be sold for an outrageous 60 birr? On what basis should this be sold, note for note? Maybe for the sake of collection old stuff for antique or some persons collect old Ethiopian bank notes and even resell them. Whatever is scarce has value right? That's all. The scarcity of the old Ethiopian notes now makes them valuable and worthy at least for archival purpose if not as legal tender. More persons have taken to the antique money business than the past.

2.   Live Goat

How did you celebrate Enkutatash? Do you know you can actually celebrate subsequent festivals or your special occasion with a goat delicacy without even paying Addis Merkato a visit? Live goats are now sold on diverse online marketplaces and can be purchased according their weight and sizes. Funny right?

3.   Empty Cartons

Empty cartons can serve many uses including the packaging of your products if you are a merchant. While it may be weird to find empty cartons online for sale, they are quite useful as impoverished flower boxes and also serve a great importance when moving goods from place to place.

4.   Vinyl Records

The love for Vinyl records seem to have bounced back to the music circuit as more persons continue to show interest judging by the volume of online sales the product records per time. That aside, the size and craft of Vinyl records places music lover a tangible personal experience with his favourite music. Till date, these records are sold online maybe not common but some still love to purchase them as weird as they might come across to you.

5.   I love Ethiopian Girls Tee Shirt

Hmmm…"I Love Ethiopian Girls" One would want to think this to mean the thoughts of the designer of this information laden t shirt. However, what may be unclear is the designer's target audience. If you see this online, will you buy it?

6.   Historical Coin

Can you believe that this historical Ethiopian coin valued at 25 cents is up for sale online at $38? Call it a collector's dream and you will not be far from the truth. Some persons just love to collect old coins and currency notes to keep. When such a person comes across this piece, I am pretty sure he or she will fall head over heels in love.

7.   Dailies or Newspaper

The thought that readily comes to mind when I see News "Paper" Online is on how ecommerce reconciles traditional and Electronic media on a single platform. Well some may say since there are different news site online from where I can catch up with the latest news, why should I then purchase newspaper online and wait for delivery every day? Well the truth is that, most of us still enjoy the tangibility of newspapers and how can we actually hold them to read from page from page.

8.   Chicken Feet

Do you eat chicken feet? And are they attractive at all to you? Oh well some people eat them and spare not the claw, tendon and even the bone while some people buy them to feed to pets. Whichever one applies, the fact remains that they are sold online and many visit stores to shop for them.