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Are you a lover screen display for mobile phones but have not been able to get a mobile phone with the perfect size you are in search of? The best option we highly recommend is a tablet. There are huge options of tablets online in Ethiopia. We have Android tablets of the best features and quality right on Jumia and we can assure you that if you love to browse through emails, connect with friends on social media, play games or do many other things, our impressive of handheld devices will do you a world of good. The list of Android Tablets here is exhaustive and will deliver to you only the best results as you combine fun, work and entertainment everywhere you go. Whether you are searching for sleek cases or you favour speed, you can be sure that our collection of Android tablets will rightly match your preferences. What's more, you can also sell your old tab to get a new one.

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Yes there are cheap android tablets here and budget friendly too but that does not mean they are of cheap quality. We only offer our products at special prices because we do not want you to spend a fortune just because you are purchasing a piece of tablet on our marketplace. When it comes to affordability, you can rest assured that you have got us to rely on. From time to time we offer discount s and deals to esteemed customers like you and ensure that while you shop, you also smile. Shop cheap android tablets on Jumia now and get good bargains.

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When you are through with searching our wide range of products, the best step to take is to compare prices and features of the model and brand of tablet you intend to buy. Be it Samsung or Janora, add to cart your choice and be ready to receive your order in short space of time at your doorstep. When you get your order delivered you can then pay cash.