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Toys have always been a favorite part of kids and babies' life and they cannot imagine their childhood without toys. With a huge number of varieties available in the market at different stores it becomes quite hectic at times to choose a particular variant for your kid that too in a very less time. Jumia has the solution for your problem with its huge and unmatched collection of different varieties of toys suitable for both a girl child and a male child. Thus if you want to gift your child with a special toy for a particular event or for a regular playing purpose you should come and check out the wide range of different kinds of toys on our marketplace. Of the numerous varieties the most popular ones are the soft toys like teddy bears or of different animals, several dolls which are not only attractive and cute looking but also very much contemporary with the current trends, the different models of cars and other vehicles like trucks and buses, the flying choppers, trains with the tracks and tunnels, different combat weapons like pistols and machine guns, different superhero toys and robots, different regular sport items like tennis rackets or bicycles and quite a number of other innovative funny or learning tools like the magic blocks or the ruby's cubes. Thus whether you are looking for an educative toy for your child or your sole purpose is to provide your kid with immense recreation with indoor toys, you can always choose shop here.

Wide range of attractive toys

If your kid prefers to stay indoor during his or her leisure hours and wants to build an imaginary town of his own, you can buy him a toy house set or a building blocks set like the toys funny blocks. If your kid is passionate about cars and to possess a special car for his collection you can choose the Kid's Mercedes Benz toy cars or the replica model toys of other cars and bring a precious smile on their face. If your daughter is eager to have a sweet delicate doll just like her you can choose the Anna Princess smart baby dolls or the attractively colored tender dolls from different companies and can truly satisfy their demands. If your kid is quite inspired by the different war games and want to combat his or her imaginary enemies with style and passion their favorite item would be a plastic Kid's machine gun or a pistol and can they can keep themselves busy all the day fighting with unseen opponents. The famous soft toy making brand Love has got quite a number of teddy bears and other soft toys of different sizes and colors and buying your kids one such adorable soft toy will only develop the sense of affection and care in them. Besides if you are looking for some items which can make their learning process easier and funnier, different educational toys are also available on Jumia which can truly develop the intelligent quotient in your kid and can help them developing into a wise and matured human beings.

Affordable yet high quality Games and Toys

The toys and other products, like the kid's bicycle or the skateboards are made from premium materials and hence are extremely durable and long lasting. The soft toys are carefully stuffed and sewed so that they can bear up with rough use by your children. The vibrant color ranges and the modern improvisations of these toys have made them suitable enough to grab and hold the attention of your kids for a longer time than usual. In spite of having such high quality for our kids toys, on Jumia you can always expect the most competitive and affordable prices in comparison to the market. Moreover to facilitate the customers even more we provide several discount and sales schemes on selected products and hence you can be rest assured about the value for your money. So what are you waiting for? Come shop with us and possess the priceless happiness of your kids at a nominal budget. So now educating your kid in a playful manner or keeping them busy with constructive ideas, has become quite easy, with an unparalleled collection of different toys for babies and kids on Jumia.