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Books are as essential to our lives as the air we breathe. They are priceless as far as acquiring knowledge is concerned. Whether for academics, leisure, self-help or profession, we have all the genres of books you may want to buy online. You can trust us to have an extensive list of quality books to cater to your many needs. When you are looking for new books and magazines, Jumia is a one stop shop for you to start from. With our digital shelves occupied with hundreds of interesting titles, you will have the world at your fingertips. It doesn't matter what you are looking for whether it is romantic or science fiction; you will find something within the Jumia range of books to meet your desires. There are plenty of magazines to choose from. The books available through Jumia are both paperback and hardback, not to mention that there is a small quantity of audio books in large stock here. Many of these titles are brand new, however if you like the feel of a good used book, Jumia is still the place to shop for the used but useful books you want to buy directly to your door and you can rest assured about safe shopping on our site.

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Ever felt the pleasure of watching your favourite movie on DVD or CDs while you munch cookies? Bring the cinematic experience to you house with different genres of movies available on Jumia. We have latest music, movie and games for your non-stop entertainment. You know it is easier to buy CDs and DVDs of whatever genre or content online because of how they are properly indexed to provide your convenient and easier search for what you want to buy. We have in stock PlayStation CDs, religious CDs, music singles and album from top Ethiopian artistes like Teddy Afro, Ester Rada, Jah Lu and many others. From the latest movies such as 50 shades of Grey, Fast and Furious Series to best-selling audio and e-books, there are a lot to meet your needs on here.

What's more, we have motivational audio CDs from top Ethiopian motivational speakers all at very low prices. You can browse through a massive selection of movies and DVDs and order them to receive right at your doorsteps. We have season films, award-winning documentaries, excellent video tutorials - our exceptional selection of movies & DVDs will appeal to every taste and interest. Amazingly, these original movies and DVDs are available with unbelievable discounts. So snap up these hot deals and give yourself the pure luxury enjoying movies at home.

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Browse through the vast collection of textbooks and religious books we offer on Jumia Ethiopia and search for the best bargain available. In order to avoid crossing your budgetary range. You don't have to waste a lot of birr buying, there are grades of books for you to buy online. Also, if you are scouting for a particular category of educational books instead of a particular book, browsing through our options is all the more necessary to find the one that you think will help you meet your requirements. Make sure that the textbook you ultimately choose to purchase is compatible with your educational grade and level. Our online store enlists a vast library of educational textbooks suitable for every grade, subject and category. Hence, rest assured, you will find the educational textbook you have been looking for that is suited to your necessities and budgetary limitations. Our store makes it a point to stock only the newest editions of the books for the benefit of our customers and due to our special prices, you get true value for your money when you buy the products from our store.

A vast collection of religious books and gifts can be found online on Jumia. Whether you are a practicing member of a specific faith or sect or just simply curious about the many varieties of spiritual experience, you will find plenty to inspire you. A wide range of goods are available, and you can easily find and browse through a huge number of items, from books to pictures, paintings and ornaments and a host of DVDs, CDs and so on. A number of items designed specifically for younger children, such as games, storybooks, and faith-based CD-ROMS, are also available.

Devotional items can make for great gifts, particularly around holidays associated with certain faiths, although items such as devotional paintings and ornaments can lend a wonderful ambiance to a room at any time of year. These products can prove extremely inspirational, and often hugely comforting, providing a constant reminder of one's faith. Similarly, the varieties of multimedia products on offer, ranging from DVD movies to music CDs and CD-ROM games, provide a great means of further understanding your religion and your relationship with your particular faith in fun and surprising ways. For those who are simply curious about religion in general, or interested in exploring more spiritual matters without committing to a particular faith, there are also a vast array of books offering spiritual guidance and advice from a broader, less specific perspective.

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When you spend time reading good books, you expand your horizon and acquire more knowledge. The great thing about magazines or books is that they provide hours of non-stop entertainment. Whether you are relaxing in the living room, sun bathing on the beach or commuting on the bus to work, books and magazines can provide ample company. Reading is a great way to expand the mind and improve knowledge, as it is one of the best forms of neurological exercise. When you are next on a search for new magazines or books, remember that Jumia offers the best. We don't sell inferior quality that will leave pages of your book going off one after the other. When you shop for any product online, we get them delivered.