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Chargers for Phones and Tablets

Mobiles are becoming increasingly common these days. Many people have even more than one handsets and tablets for their daily use. You may have two devices for different functionalities or simply because you like them both. At Jumia, we understand the essence and importance of your mobile phone or tablet. We know they hold a very special place in your lives, and that it is imperative that they are taken care of in all aspects. Batteries may be the life sources of these gadgets, but chargers are the unsung heroes who get your mobile phones and tablets going. When you use two or more devices from different brands you have to carry chargers form all the brands. It would be very convenient if you could charge all your devices using one single charger. On Jumia Ethiopia you get universal chargers that are compatible with all sorts of devices. The mobiles will be charged through the USB ports and you can even dismantle the charger to use it as a data cable. This way you save a lot of room while packing accessories for your devices. There are also different stylish chargers for specific brands. They are made of colourful hues and every bid functional. You can easily make a style statement by carrying one of these. There are chargers for Apple iPhones, Samsung handsets and all other renowned companies. The chargers will allow you charge up when you are in need of some battery backup. A charger is an indispensable piece of equipment that you simply cannot do without. The stylish chargers will help you flaunt your fashion sense and at the same time quietly boost up the battery levels of your beloved smart phone. On Jumia Ethiopia you can get a charger for any brand of mobile. There is a completely separate section labelled as Chargers for Phones & Tablets which has stock all the branded chargers.

Stylish and functional chargers

Finding charging accessories from the biggest electronic brands is easy online, however it is even easier on Jumia. Whether you need a new charging cable for your mobile phone or tablet, Ethiopia's largest online marketplace has a large selection of the newest products available to buy online. From a cheap Blackberry charger to an external backup charger for the latest Samsung smartphone, Jumia grants you unlimited access to a diverse selection of mobile phone charging products for you to choose from. Also available are a variety of charger accessories for leading tablet manufacturers including Apple and Lenovo as well as replacement charging cables for laptops. While shopping on Jumia you will be amazed by the varieties and types of products available. There are even easy chargers that are applicable across continents no matter what the type of power output is. There are car chargers which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of your car and then used to charge your mobile or tablet while on the go. The Samsung chargers available come in white colour tone in case you have to match it with the colour of your car's upholstery or the interior of your home. There are desktop chargers that can be plugged in to desktop computers to charge and even a No tangle Mini USB charger that does not tangle up while it is being handled. This product is very handy if you are constantly travelling and tend to clutter wired gadgetry. On Jumia there are chargers that have LCD display unit for you to keep track of the progress in charging without fiddling with the phone. There are high quality chargers that are phenomenally durable and long lasting. You can also opt for the basic conventional black chargers in case you have broken or damaged the one which came with the mobile. You can also buy it if you have lost or misplaced the previous one.

Amazing prices and fabulous discounts

Jumia offers portable charging solutions and wall charging units from Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia. Invest in the latest solar charging technology and portable power banks for the best price on Jumia - our online platform that connects buyers with a range of the latest technology deals. Shop Online for Chargers on Jumia with Regular Deal Updates. Be it Samsung chargers, HTC chargers, Apple iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 chargers, you just name it, Jumia has it all. What is even more amazing is the fact that solar phone chargers are also available on Jumia. You get an ensemble of the best chargers from top brands on Jumia. You could not have asked for a fairer deal than what Jumia offers. There are some amazing prices and discounts on Jumia especially if you are looking to buy a charger for your mobile or tablet. You can buy a car charger for multiple mobile brands at very cheap rates. There are numerous sellers on the website showcasing there ware. This ensures you get a good deal on the products and far greater options than you would have in a normal store. The products are not limited to a particular brand and there are different brands to choose from. You can read the reviews and ratings given by other customers before deciding on the reliability of a seller. The goods will be shipped to your home address. Alternatively you can pick up the merchandise from the seller yourself. The joy of online shopping is buying stuff at your own convenience and from the comforts of your own home. On Jumia Ethiopia you can do just that and so much more. You can compare prices for the best deal. Ask for discount s and special offers that lets you buy the coveted mobile & tablet accessories within your budget. Nowhere else will you get so many advantages. There is simple no reason why you should not immediately start shopping for chargers and other accessories for your smart phones and tablets from this virtual store. So why wait start shopping today.