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Jumia offers you the largest collection of computers and laptops from your favorite brands. Shop at our store for chromebooks, laptop, Ultrabooks, desktop PCs and more. We stock everything from PCs by Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS and others, to tablets, gaming accessories and software. We also offer peripheral accessories like storage devices, printer and scanners, monitors and other hardware to give you the best productivity experience. Check out our special deals for competitive prices that few other electronics retailers will be able to offer you. Compare prices, read customer reviews, check out customer ratings before you make a purchase decision. Our online store makes it very convenient for customers to make a well-informed purchase of all their electronics needs. You can also rely on us to keep our listings updated with the latest devices from a variety of sellers, to help you make the right choice at the best price. Desktops, Laptops, Tabs, Cables and Wires and more computers from various brands, designs, styles, colors and models are loaded in our display, and also replenished with updated versions everyday in our page. We at Jumia promise to deliver you a seamless and never-before shopping experience. Browse through our seemingly endless selection of computers, laptops and IT accessories and choose your gadget wisely. With our complete guidance and a display of all features and specifications, you will be educated deeply with the complete specifics of each product and also allow you to compare model to model, before you can make a sensible and vigilant choice. Furnish your needs with our expertise, we will not only please you but also make you the happiest customers world over. Get the world in your palm!

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Are you looking for a computer to meet your gaming needs? Do you need a high performance laptop for your workplace? Perhaps you are looking for a used computer as your second PC to take with you as you work on the go? You will find that the online computer shop at Jumia will cater to all your needs. Choose from the best branded computer for professional, personal or gaming needs. Shop for accessories and peripherals to go with your purchase, all from the convenience of your home. Assembling your own desktop PC, gaming unit or laptop workstation with the wide range of offerings on our store is cost-effective and more convenient than purchasing an already-assembled unit from a store. Along with our reliable peer-reviewed system to help you make your decision, easy and fast purchase, customer-friendly return policy, cash on delivery services on some orders and a friendly and efficient customer care, you can enjoy the ultimate experience in electronics shopping at Jumia. Visit our online catalogs to find out what we have to offer you, whether it is a monitor to replace your old desktop PC, a storage device for your movies and music, a photo printer or all-in-one printer or the best webcams, speakers and software for your needs. From personalized, heavy work based computers to simple entertainment oriented lightweight laptops, the choice is all yours. Choose your products with much caution. Check and Recheck for even the slightest of variations. Computers or Laptops need to be selected based on the input you plan to feed and the output you require. Quality and Quantity go hand-in-hand and cannot be ignored. Each brand has its own trademark and use specific brand of inbuilt parts. Look for these minor variations and analyze how these could affect you in the long run. While an HP Desktop will give you the experience of a simple computer, the HP 3500 Pro Essential Micro Tower Desktop/PC will give you the more competent experience. Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and more brands with varying hard drive capacity, Models, processor types and Operating Systems are all stocked up in our shelves for your specific purposes. While you choose the right device, also ensure availability of the model in your locality and whether the product is new or used. Select the brand, model and tech specs you prefer to purchase, add in from the plethora of accessories like pen drives, external hard disks, data cards, head phones, SATA cables, wireless and wired mouse and many more and enjoy your personalized Gadget. Find complete satisfaction and quality only with us at Jumia Ethiopia. Just click it, and it is yours.

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Once you have decided to buy from our products, purchasing them at our portal is going to be a piece of cake. Now that you know which product you wish to purchase, type the name of the product or the brand in the search bar. A new page with the specified product or products will open up on Jumia Ethiopia. Once again check and re-check the products you have chosen. Look out for any enticing offers or discounts on the products you have chosen. In the event you have any discount coupons, add in the code to the coupon code box provided in the checkout section. Provide us with the details of your address, date of delivery and any other specifications you might have during product delivery. You have a wide variety of payment methods to choose from that include cash on delivery method too. Once you are satisfied with these procedures, click the buy button and Voila! You have made your purchase. Our shipping team is a very friendly crew. We make sure that you receive your product only at your convenience and without any hassles or confusions. Feel free to track your dispatch after your purchase.