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With hundreds of models in stock, you can depend on Jumia when shopping for your digital cameras, whether they are to be used for personal or business purposes. The brands in our collection range from simple, handheld devices which can be carried around in the pocket to top end models riddled with features. Appealing to those who consider photography as a hobby or means of documenting memories, to the hardcore snappers, the cameras available on Jumia will satisfy a wide range of preferences. The great thing about shopping on Jumia is that you'll be able to tailor your search in numerous ways, allowing you to find out within seconds if we have what you need. Search by model or price, processor type or operating system; you are in full control of the dynamics of your search. If you are on a tight budget, you may find it useful to know that there are also a number of used models available too and so you can be sure of what you're getting, photographs are included with every product.Easy User-Interface and uncomplicated design- these two are the main features for which digital cameras are celebrated world-wide. Not each of us has the tenacity to go in details to learn the nittty-gritty of a DSLR camera. On the other hand, the digital cameras are extremely adjustable with laptops, Desktops or Notebooks; and you don't need to go through the grammar of photography again and again in order to click photos with them. Jumia Ethiopia is the largest online community in Ethiopia that brings about legendary digital camera manufacturers of the world- under one roof. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a hardcore shutter-happy; visit us to make the perfect buying move on your behalf. Digital cameras also make for exciting gift options. Is your best friend's birthday is approaching fast and you have not decided on a present yet? Why not gift her a Sony Cybershot Digital Camera W800-20.1 MP to make her face lit-up instantly? Our collection of digital cameras is designed by keeping in mind the ergonomics. They are easy to grip and can be slipped into anything- from your pocket to your tote. It's been only three years of our existence in the digital space (since our inception in 2012) and we are already a proud repository of renowned brands such as Sony, Canon, Intex and Nikon. We offer exciting discounts and coupons throughout the year on our exclusive range of cameras so that you can shop from us in the most economical way.

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With digital cameras to suit every purpose, shopping on Jumia is the ideal way to get exactly what you are looking for. The cameras on Jumia range in quality and will therefore suit every purpose from holiday snapshots to prestigious, detailed photography. You can find camera accessories too and even have a number of novelty items such as spy camera sunglasses, handy gifts for children. Not only that, but by shopping on Jumia, you'll be able to pick up surveillance cameras which can be used around the perimeters of your home or in your work environment. Shop on Jumia today for your cameras.An interesting assortment of digital cameras in Jumia Ethiopia can make even the rookie photographer- confident about her/his skill. The world of digital camera is only getting bigger and edgier. It's the motto behind our brand to make additions in our digital camera line-up so that; even by sitting in Ethiopia, the most avant-garde line-up of digital cameras shall be only your finger-click away. If you are visiting our site for the first time, then it's very natural to get over-whelmed with our collection of digital cameras. Do not worry and go straight towards our product catalogue. A prompt search will show you- what you are looking for. If you have some obscure idea about what you want, then sort your search on the basis of popularity, latest, price left or discount percentage. In no time, you shall be able to add your dream digital camera in your shopping cart. Are you more into street photography? Then pick out one from the cool range of Intex Digital Clip Cameras which is easy to be attached with your shirt and gives you fluidity of the movement. These days, lots and lots of school goers are taking keen interests on amateur photography. If you are a responsible parent who thinks that your child should develop a healthy passion instead of spending hours playing games on computer; than gift her/him a Sony Digital Cybershot Camera from our site. There is nothing charming than arresting beautiful-yet-fleeting memories.

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If you have a branded camera with you; then you don't need to add any other accessory to bring out that swag. The digital cameras presented in Jumia Ethiopia are fashionable, lightweight and have all the capabilities to be flaunted as style-statements. During the picnic time, where people tend to go over-the-top with their expensive clothes or shoes- just imagine yourself clicking natural beauties surrounding the spot, with an eye-catching digital camera and voila- every head turns towards you. In this day and age when social media is brimming with photo shopped images, where a photographer's real caliber gets lost amidst heavy re-touching and air-brushing; with our collection of digital cameras- you don't need to go overboard with Photoshop. Each digital camera from our collection is rich with advanced features and are the outputs of futuristic technologies. With any of them, you can be on your full natural element and you won't need to impart the help of photo shopping to make your images look more attractive. If going through the pages of our digital camera section makes you believe that our repository ends here- then wait. On a regular basis, we keep updating our digital camera list with latest offerings. You may download our app or follow us on social media pages to know more about our soon-to-be featured digi-cams. The convenience of camera shopping from our site will make you come back to us-again.