Jumia review:   External Hard Drive vs Flash Drive

If we were to go down memory lane, then we would recall how information storage has evolved from the 90s when we could store to this present era. From the age of the 3.5 -inch Floppy Disk which could hold only a meager 1.44MB of data down to the present era where you can find more that 2 Terabyte of disk drive to store large information, it goes further to show that data transfer from one computer to the other and its storage for future purposes is very vital. It is obvious that there is an ever increasing demand for storage devices. However, the question about the one that is most suitable remains!

Should I buy an external hard drive or should I just opt for a smaller size flash drive? These are questions you should be able to get answers to by the time you are through reading this useful guide.

Let's take a close look at the functionalities of each drive:

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drives are portable storage devices that are specially built to hold a lot of data. The only difference it has with your regular internal Hard Drive is in the name "internal and external" while one is not movable and the latter is. As a matter of fact the internal hard drive can be converted to external drive as far as there a body case is available to enwrap the device. As mentioned, external drives hold a lot of data and are available in various relatively large sizes from 150Mega Bytes, 250MB to 2 Terabytes (2TB). With the external hard disks and their storage might, data on several computers can be backup on the device and be transferred anytime. What's more, when you have all your files in External HDs, even if you operating system gets corrupt and you lose all your files, you can always restore them back from your External HD.

Flash Drive

Known as Pen Drives, Flash Memory Sticks or Flash Disks, the USB flash drive is quite miniature. Just like the size of a key but it have the capacity to hold more than 999 Gigabyte data or information. Just like the larger external hard drives, data on the flash drive is erasable and writable but offers a shorter life span from regular use and they are the most commonly used storage devices in Ethiopia as they are not only cheap but are the most portable of all the types of storage devices for computers.

Which is most suitable?

The best ways to decide the one to buy is by weighing your options. You should ask yourself what you intend to use a storage device for and for how long do you planned to store your important information on disc. Let's take a lot at the features of these two and leave you to decide for yourself the one that appeals to you the most.

External Hard Drive Flash Drive

Can store up to 2 Terabytes of Data

Newer models can store up to 1 Terabyte

Average Size is 1x 4 x6 inches

Approximately 1.5 x 0.25 x 0.5 inches in size

Fragmented memory but has nearly infinite data

Fragmented too but with limited write/erase

write and erase cycles

cycles which can affect performance in the longrun

Portable enough to fit into handbags and backpacks

Extra portable. Often used as Keychain hung around the neck

Weighty, fragile and easily affected by shock especially when dropped. Not recommended for regular movement from one place to another

Light weighted, shock doesn't have effect on the drive except a component is broken. Can be taken around every day without fear of damage

Best use for storing large computer backup data occasionally

Everyday use is fine

Price is relatively high

Price is very low compared with External HDs

Now that you have seen the similarities and dissimilarities between the flash drive and external hard drive, you can make a purchase decision online based on the features that appeal to you the most from there compare prices, storage capacities and more before making your purchase decision.


There will continually be an increase in demand for storage devices as long as diverse models of computers and laptops continue to flood the market and computer literacy surges in the country. The desire store information, transfer files and do much more with storage device will witness massive rise and consumers will continually buy. However, more than making such purchases ignorantly, it is best to know the features of the flash memory device available on sale in order to make the right purchase choice.