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If your computer is clogged up with endless files such as family photographs, music files, videos and other precious documents, then your computer could be close to using up its storage capacity which will significantly slow down your system making it frustrating to work with. With external hard drives on Jumia, however, you not only free up your computer's own hard drive, thus massively increasing its performance, but you back up your files too, which is real peace of mind should anything ever happen to your computer or laptop. External hard drives on Jumia also enable you to easily share your files across devices simply by plugging into the USB port. Being only pocket sized, external hard drives hugely increase your storage capacity without cluttering up your workspace.

If you need to take your files on the move, whether they be precious family photographs, music files, homemade videos, or work related documents, then external hard drives enable you to transport your vast library of files wherever you go. Just plug in a USB cable and attach to your computer or laptop, and you're away. Once the external hard drive is connected, it's just a case of dragging and dropping or copying and pasting your files to the external hard drive to your heart's content. By dragging your files over to your external hard drive you will free up your computer's storage space which will significantly increase its performance. An external hard drive is the perfect solution to backing up your files safely while at the same time freeing up space on your computer.