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Face Powder

A face powder is an indispensable part of a female cosmetic. This type of ladies cosmetic products are used to smoothen the appearance of the facial skin. It is also meant to complement your skin colour. Depending on your preference, face powder can be applied alone or with a foundation. They are commonly seen in two forms, loosed and pressed. The first comes in a small tub and is either applied with a powder puff or brush. The latter is also called compact powder; this may be because it comes in compact form. It can be applied with a powder puff, sponge or a brush.

Both powder types have advantages and disadvantages. Loose powders are light and are great for achieving a natural look. However, it is not as portable as a compact powder. For a more finished face look, pressed powder is the win. Because humans have different skin shades, face powders are available in different shades. It is advisable to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. This will enhance a natural look. Some come with extra ingredient to suit different skin needs. For example, a powder may minimize redness, protect from sun or acne to avoid face break out. It is advisable to use a moisturizer with a powder that contains SPF ingredients as well as use a sunscreen cream before applying your powder.

Tips to Choosing the Right Powder Shade

For European complexions with pink undertones, choose a yellow based powder. This type of powder illuminates the skin. Golden-brown powder is cool for people with Whites with medium complexion. It is advisable to use a shade that matches or is closest to your skin colour; using a dark shade on a light skin will appear dirty.

Pink- based powder is Asians with yellow-greyish undertones. People with African skin and dark Indian skin complexion will glow in dark brown powders with bronze. A popular brand form this type of complexion is Black Up.

Basic Steps to Powder Application

It is important to have a clean face before applying your face powder, either with a powder brush, sponge or puff; depending on your preference.

The next step is to apply a moisturizer, foundation or concealer; some people apply the three. Put a decent amount of powder onto you make up brush and brush your face with it preferable in downward strokes. Start light and add more if needed. Make sure the hairlines, ears, neck and face edges are well-blended

Where to Buy the Perfect Face Powder for Your Skin Tone

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