Five Timeless Shoes Every Man Should Own

Shoes are important pieces of fashion statement that accentuates the overall appearance of a fashion ensemble. They also define your total look.

There is no doubt that men love shoes. In fact, I believe that after cars, men can't do without good shoes. Men are always bragging about the originality of their shoes. Every man secretly is a shoe collector. Quite a number of men follow trends and styles especially styles associated with foot wear.

For men looking to invest in great shoes, these are five timeless must-have shoes for every man's shoe rack.


These are a pair of casual footwear with no laces. They're suitable for every occasion and can be worn with semi-formal outfits and casual outfits. Loafers come in different styles and materials. Some loafers come with tassels, others with buckles, while some are just plain leather. Loafers are timeless due to their cushioned insole which makes them comfortable to wear for an extended period.


Boots are very important for toe protection especially during rigorous activities like those done in construction sites. These days, boots are being produced and worn for fashion purpose. Their rugged looks brings out the masculinity of the wearer. Boots are timeless and come in different brands from the Timberland boots to the Cats boots.


Sneakers are casual footwear made with rubber soles and used for running, jogging and for general sports. These days they have been absorbed into modern fashion trends as they can now be worn for various outings. They also add style to casual outfits. whether it's an all-stars, Nike air max, Jordan's, Adidas ,Vans , New Balance , Reebok, Puma , Yeezy, Pimp soles or even sporting sneakers, these are a timeless pair that every male should own.

Flip Flops or Palm Slippers

Palm slippers are a must-have in every man's shoe rack as they are worn as casual and laid back footwear. They are timeless as they allow the legs breathe and enjoy some fresh air. Every man should own one and palm slippers can be worn with natives attires, beach wear and in general, casual wears.

Office Lace-Up Shoes

These are corporate shoes which are ideal for official settings. Official lace-up shoes are a must-have in every man's shoe rack because they are ideal for all formal events. They depict a sense of maturity and sophistication. You don't have to get the latest designers; you can get a nice looking formal lace up shoe that you feel very comfortable in.

Finally, in buying these shoes, make sure to get the right size, the perfect fit and the best shade that suits your colour and the colour of your overall outfit.