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Ballerina shoes are used for ballet dancing. These types of shoes are also known as ballet slippers. Ballerina shoes are generally light weighted and made using canvas, leather or satin. Leather shoes last longer and they are costlier. Satin shoes were reserved for ballet performances as these shoes wear out quickly. Canvas made ballerinas are cheaper, but the quality is poor. Ballerina shoes are used since centuries. During those days, these shoes were heeled. Later on non-heeled shoes were introduced for having more comfort and flexibility. For ballet classes, beginners use soft ballet shoes. Whereas, for ballet performances professionals wear pointe shoes. These pointe type shoes have a box in the toe area which helps them to perform their 'en pointe', which is a pose performed on tip toes. Flat shoes are today's sensation. Earlier days using flat shoes were considered to be less attractive. But that is not the case today. A woman's closet will definitely have flat shoes, which she uses for special occasions. Flat shoes are a must for women when they attend a party. These shoes give glittery and stylish which catch attention of others. Women in Ethiopia are no different. They love to attend parties and do ballet dancing. Hence they love both ballerina shoes as well as flat shoes. Jumia Ethiopia is their friend which provides them these amazing shoes at affordable prices. Jumia Ethiopia store is full with latest models of stylish ballerina shoes as well as flat shoes.

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Ivory colour ran embellished cap toe jelly shoes is one among the stylish ballerina shoes available on Jumia Ethiopia. Women at Ethiopia love to wear this ivory coloured ballerina shoes while they go for parties and ballet dance clubs. This product is available at affordable price at Jumia. Brown colour ladies flat ballet shoes are yet another wonderful piece of shoe which is widely loved by Ethiopian women. This pointe shoe is excellent in style factor and would be an ideal choice when you go for a ballet dance party. This casual shoe is made up of high quality synthetic material which offers good comfort. Leather shoes are the best among ballerinas. Metallic colour ladies ballet shoe is a great shoe which a woman can't ignore. This shoe has a royal look and it will catch the attention of others when you wear it for a party. This pair of shoes will help you to perform well at your ballet dancing. The faux leather used for its manufacture is of top quality. This shoe ill lasts for long as its durability feature are wonderful. You can get this amazing shoe from Jumia Ethiopia at affordable rates. White colour ladies leather shoes are another popular shoe at Jumia. This shoe possesses all good features a leather ballerina shoe will have. This shoe is available at an affordable rate at Jumia. There are many more shoes at Jumia which will blow your minds.

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Ethiopian women have got many options to grab ballerinas and flats. The only demand they have is that, shoe must be stylish and should be available at affordable rates. Their primary option to buy these shoes is by visiting the shopping malls and shop outlets in the country. There will be a great variety of shoes in these shops of different brands and models. You can try out each and every shoe you liked and finally purchase one. This process may take a whole day. If you have enough time to purchase a shoe spending whole day, you can go for this way. The other option is much more effective and easier- the online shopping websites. Online shopping portals are available in plenty in Ethiopia. The only job you have to do is to find a good reliable shopping portal. Jumia Ethiopia is one among the best shopping portals in this country. They offer great variety of flat shoes and ballerina shoes at exciting prices. They offer plenty of freebies as well cash discounts to attract customers. The shipping team will reach the product at your doorstep. Order for ladies flat shoes from Jumia Ethiopia and have a great time at parties and dance clubs.

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Ballerinas and flats are picking up a lot of popularity in the female population of Ethiopia. Worn by women of all ages as comfortable, ballerinas and flats are often considered as everyday shoes for most women, and depending on the style, they can be appropriate for a wide range of looks and occasions. Because this type of shoe is so popular, numberless versions and models are available on the market, which can pose a bit of a challenge when selecting. For this matter, you should therefore know about the different styles of ballerinas and how to match them with different outfits before buying a pair. Most women find that ballerinas and flats are easy to style and will go well with most outfits to the extent that most women wear them to formal events and parties instead of high heels. Most women choose to wear ballerinas and flats with leggings and skinny jeans, but they can also be worn with skirts or tunics. In most cases, pairing ballerinas and flats with skinny jeans will create a simple everyday look that can be worn to school, to the store, to a casual party, and even to bars or restaurants. Ultimately, the style of ballerinas and flats can decide if an outfit is one appropriate for a trendy night out, an evening at the theatre, or on a shopping day. But speaking of shopping, why bother hopping from store to store to find this trendy piece of footwear. If at all you are seeking to purchase any form of shoes including pumps and stilettos, Jumia is definitely the place for you. Ethiopia's largest online marketplace allows you to keep your step in check by availing the most extensive variety of women's shoes on the market. So if you are looking to step out in style, visit Jumia today for an amazing selection of women's shoes including the popular ballerinas and flats that could be delivered to your door-step at the click of a button.