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Food and Beverage Carriers Online in Ethiopia

We always tend to need a carrier for our food and beverage and that is why we have this category on Jumia, especially for you. Carriers are easy way to handle food and drinks for easy mobility. They don't just assist in carrying your food and beverages, they also help in keeping them warm or cold, whichever the case may be. We have the largest collection of these carriers online on Jumia at the most affordable prices that have been discounted just for you. We have them in all shapes, sizes and colours. You are planning a party then get your large coolers to store you drinks and keep them cold for as long as you want them to be. It could be a little picnic you are planning for a few family and friends or for just you and your partner, then get the needed carrier to converge your food and beverage easily to wherever you are going to spend some time and enjoy yourself.

Buy Carriers for your food and beverage in Ethiopia

You just had a baby and your need a carrier to put everything you need, from the napkins, feeding bottles, powders, food and all those necessities, then search through our food baby carriers for the right one with the best colour to match, blue for a boy and pink for a girl and even get one that you would be able to put toys also. We have carriers for the little ones up to the grown up adults to take their food and beverages with them every morning, either to work or school which would make things easier for everyone in the family. Buy these at the most affordable prices and pay cash on delivery anywhere in Ethiopia.