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Ever had a party, and you invited a lot of guest but only a few showed up? And you're thinking of what to do to the already labored for meal, or even in your home you make a meal and have no means to store it, you don't have to waste it , yes of course I'm sure you would want to put in the fridge of its an item that wouldn't spoil store then somewhere dry that air or water wouldn't get into them , all those problems have been sorted out by Jumia, on our online market place we provide you with different types, sizes, colors and styles of food storage containers, Jumia works hand in hand with great food storage companies that partner with great sellers, whose ultimate goal is to satisfy their buyers with first grade food storage containers for their comfort

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it's so easy this days to have a nanny take care of our kids while we are so busy at work , and still have the kids always eat homemade meals, made by you, you can prepare any meal , put it in good containers and store them in the fridge or freezers and allow the kids still have the pleasures of eating mummy's food, Jumia we offer different shapes of food containers that can carry different kinds of meals and preserve them for later use, we also offer different compartment containers to store different types of meals, we have the three compartment bowls, two compartment bowls, and deep bowls all with covers top keep our food as we want them to be, our food storage containers offer you the pleasure of been able to transport meals from one place to the other, now cook up meals as much as you want and, take vacations and move all your cooked items around with cheap durable easy to use food containers