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Jam to your music and tune out the noisy world with our extensive headphone selection! Need help finding the optimal headphones? Our categorized product list make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. With features like virtual surround sound, active or passive noise cancellation, secure ear-tips, or DJ headphones, you will surely discover the right headphones that will fit your listening purposes. Check out the hottest manufactures such as Koss, Jlab Audio, Etymotic, SOUL by Ludacris, and Creative Labs. We are pleased to provide supreme headphones with excellent sound quality here at Jumia.Do you have a hobby of listening songs all the time? If yes, then no need to worry at all as the headphone hobby is alive and growing like a weed. Music savvy individuals always accompany themselves with a headphone while performing various activities like jogging, workouts, gym, etc. Jumia Ethiopia presents you with an array of headphones from different brands to meet your requirement. Here you will find variety of headphones that have different audio quality capabilities. These headphones can be used with many devices such as DVD players, personal computers, digital audio player, smartphones, mp3 player and so on. Good music can only be heard through good headphones Jumia proudly offer a variety of options to choose from. We offer different variant and each of them has its own advantage. If you just do a little research you can find a host of headphones available, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Intex, and Nokia the list is endless. You know that you are in the right place where you can find all your favourite brands. Furthermore, by choosing the filter option while searching you can find your favourite headphones seller in Ethiopia. In our online collection you will get branded headphones that come within an affordable range.

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Before purchasing a pair of headphones, you'll need to consider a number of factors and we are here to help. The primary difference between headphones and headsets is a microphone. Whereas a pair of headphones offers only audio listening, a headset allows you to speak and record sound for two way communication. Keep in mind for which purpose your headphones will serve before buying one of the top brands we have available. Knowing what features you want will influence your ultimate buying decision. Within our list of trusted brands you will find headphones not only serving techie needs, but also fashion, convenience, and practicality.Are you getting confused about different types of headphones that we are offering? Not to worry at all as we will also guide you about the kinds of headphones and their usage so that you can reduce your search to get the perfect one. There are over the ear headphones that reproduce sound accurately by blocking external noise. They also produce low bass sounds and are heavier than others. Some over the ear headphone on Jumia Ethiopia are Beats by Dre Headphones, Intex Headphone and many others. Here on Jumia you will find earphones for your iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Intex and Huawei smartphones. Usually we go to the store and buy any kind of headphone without knowing its functionalities, but if you are shopping on our site you will get a list of products for which you can search online to know more about the item that helps in buying. You must investigate each and every detail about a headphone especially for a higher frequency that creates better sound. Once you find the right item you just have to add it to your cart.

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We always become conscious when it comes to buy some electronic equipment online. But worry not; one of the most significant opportunities that you can get by buying from us is that we offer technology and unique accessory while remaining low at price. On Jumia Ethiopia we believe in giving you a chance to find the perfect item within your price range. One of the benefits that you will get when buying headphones from our site is saving the money. To meet your sound and electronic demands turning to our site will give you the greatest number of products with the highest quality. Far superior to the alternative of buying headphones from a brick and mortar shop we offer various types of headphones available. Don't worry about the variety in headphones as you will get opportunity to find from the highest to the cheapest kind of headphones. While each provides you with its own unique feature that is specifically designed to work in any environment and in nay device be it mobile phones, music systems, music device and so on. In addition to that our site also offers headphones with impressive sound quality and potential features. You will be able to use devices that are highly affordable and offer improved sound quality. To discover the best headphones look no further than here to achieve success in your investment