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Searching for exciting kids' and babies' products online? We are here to help you with ideas from our wide collection of toys and accessories for children here on Jumia. We have a variety of educational toys fully stocked on our website and you will discover the widest range of great toys and games to get your child excited, entertained and engaged intellectually. Consider browsing through our full collection of toys while you select your choice among the vast items we have listed online. We have preschool toys, block builders, role play, automatic police cars, armored tanks and floaters for swimming for toddlers. Whatever toy you will eventually purchase, ensure that you are buying according to the age groups and be sure to buy toys that are not hazardous to the health of your child. As for price, you have nothing to worry about when shopping for toys on our website.
Take advantage of our price slash, discounted sale and crazy deals for your choice of amazing toys set for your kids. Whether you are buying a LEGO, Hong Xing or transformers brand, you will find them at discounted prices. However, before you buy, research the toys you want for your kids ensuring you do your research well, compare prices before adding anything to your cart and eventually checking out. Whatever toy you are buying, it really does not have to cost a fortune that's why we are here to help you save some money with our understanding that children easily damage things, we know that buying expensive toy sets and having to buy them often may cause a pocket drain for you that the more reason we sell at giveaway prices.

Buy Clothing and Shoes for Kids Online

Looking for the best deals on baby clothing and kids shoes? On Jumia, you will find a variety of kiddy accessories and baby products. Whether you need a baby carrier for your infant or school bags for your little boys & girls, our large selection of children's accessories is an indication that you can get to buy items that fits your kids' needs perfectly here. You can easily buy baby caps, mittens and baby socks, headbands for little girls, superhero shirts and t-shirts for toddlers and teenagers, baby suits for new-born girls and boys and much more. Choose from the best brands of dresses for boys, girls and children's accessories to follow the latest trends in kids' fashion. On Jumia, we offer you a great selection for all your children's shopping needs.
From boys' denims, boy's shorts, trousers and shoes for boys to frocks, party dresses for girls, girls' jeans and shoes for girls, you can buy it all through online payment on Jumia. Whether you are looking for the best brands offering fashion products for kids at the cheapest prices or designer children's wears we have an extensive range of baby clothing online on Jumia. With different payment options, easy and convenient shopping plus a couple of promotional offers and discounts, Jumia remains your number one online marketplace in Ethiopia to shop for kiddies' clothes and accessories for babies, kids and teenagers. Order now and dress up your little prince or princess without having to spend a fortune.

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We are devoted to offering our customers quality baby clothes at the lowest prices. We have an array of the best baby fabric you can find online. Whether you have a newborn baby or not, we can help you stay within budget range. With River Island, George Essentials and other brands of baby clothing on Jumia, you can be sure of cool and attractive prices for the best fabric you can find online. Our large pool of high quality baby clothes to fit your children will give you value for your money. So expect to save money while you shop on Ethiopia's leading marketplace.
From all our selection of baby and children products, including bedding, diapers, bips blankets, shoes and accessories, you can be sure that despite our low prices, we have nothing short of quality on our website for all your baby's needs. Some persons tend to assume that the cheaper a product, the less the quality of that product, this is not the case with Jumia. We only offer the low prices to give your pocket some financial comfort and ease. Well organized in categories, we have bibs, head warmers, body suits, comfy shoes, socks, towels and many more that are the best bargains you can get giving you your money's worth. As ridiculous as the prices may be, expect quality alone on all our baby clothes and accessories. Like we promise, you get the craziest deals on Jumia Ethiopia.

Discover Babies Accessories Online in Ethiopia

Babies clothing accessories are as important as the clothing as they give their outfit the flawless look that will befit them perfectly. From sunglasses, caps and tiny ties to belts and bangles, you have a good selection to choose from. We are Ethiopia's online leading hub for kiddies clothing accessories. In your search for clothing accessories must-haves for your baby, ensure you check different sizes that the baby can grow into as he or she ages. You can count on us to make available fashion essentials we know will fit your baby and stand him or her among other children in your neighborhood. You will find knitwear, sleepers, jackets and more to keep your beloved baby warm and comfortable.
All your baby needs from you is care and love so you would not want to deny your baby of those. On Jumia, you will find those baby accessories that will add some spice to the outfit of you baby and make other parents green with envy when they set their eyes on your child. Jumia Ethiopia has a wide collection of new and used clothing essentials for babies and toddlers and those we have in different sizes and colours from top brands. Hurry, shop now on Jumia for your baby clothes, accessories, baby toys and other baby products.