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Even though landline phones have become quite old-fashioned with the advent of modern wireless technologies and GSM, if you consider for a while that a landline phone may be quite convenient and economical if you have friendly tariff plans from your network provider. On Jumia Ethiopia, you will find landline boxes of various models on sale. Often you end up paying a lot more for lengthy conversations over mobile even when you are at home or at the office. If you had used your landline instead you may have saved a lot of money this way. The landline phone available on Jumia Ethiopia can help you save that extra money. When you have a small establishment or business venture you will have to make a lot of calls. Having a landline at your office can save you whole deal of trouble. The landlines do not require constant battery backup so by using a telephone you save the power consumption of your mobile and hence use it for more important functions. You can use landline phones for very lengthy conversations without even bothering about running out of juice. The CDMA devices available on Jumia have detailed address book where you can store your contacts and dial them without flipping through a manual contact list. This feature is very convenient if happen to forget the numbers or lose your mobile. You will be able to retrieve the important numbers from your landline's memory. The phones come with alphanumeric displays that show the name and number of the caller.

Discover landline phones that are perfect for the elderly

On Jumia Ethiopia there are landline phones by panasonic and ZTE brand. The devices have large buttons and easy to operate features. So if you have an elderly grandmother or grandfather at your home who does not know how to operate complex mobile phones a landline may be your solution. They are simple to use, all you have to do is pick up the receiver and push the buttons manually. There are no complicated touch screens or QWERTY keypads. It is as basic as it can get and perfect for old people who have not caught up with modern inventions. You will have relief of mind by communicating with the elderly person staying at home. Even they can call you up easily to let you know if they have any problems. The Panasonic phones available on Jumia Ethiopia look old fashioned and are easy to use. But they also incorporate all the latest features and functions. You can have a conference call with family or keep calls waiting. You can even keep contacts in speed dial to help the elderly person. You can also benefit from the subscription plans made available by your service provider. Many providers offer combined services where you get TV subscriptions and broadband subscriptions along with the landline subscriptions. You do not have to have multiple plans but save money on one combined package.

Jumia Offers Only Quality Landline Phones

The telephone devices on Jumia Ethiopia are very well crafted. The body is made of elegant and graceful design. There are speakers and digital displays. In case you are feeling tired and simply cannot hold the phone to your ears you can put it on speakers and curl up while having the conversation. This feature is also helpful if you are writing down something while making conversation. In case you do not wish to pick up you can leave it on an automated message. You can leave a custom message for the caller asking them to leave behind a message and you will get back to them when possible. On Jumia Ethiopia you get amazing discounts and offers on products. The landline will be delivered to your address so that you do not have to worry about picking it up from a store. You can compare prices of the phones before you make the purchase. Also you can choose from amazing varieties of landline phones . They come is very different shades and colours. You can get reds and other bright shades if you are going to use it for your personal purpose. It can look quite attractive on the bedside table. You can also get black or steel coloured landlines for office purpose. They look conventional and blend well with the office environment. So start shopping now on Jumia.