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After a long day at work, on your way back you would tend to forget that the bulb in one of the room in your house has gone and at this always is annoying when you try to put on the bulb and it doesn't come on. Well we have a solution to that and is that you can only order for your bulbs you needed online on Jumia and have it delivered to your home or your office. We also have other lighting accessories that you might be interested in also such as table lamps or beside lamps and most of them are rechargeable. Rechargeable lamps are the best and quickest solution for whenever there is a power cut. We even have rechargeable lanterns that are LED and are all from the trusted most authentic brands

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Lightings are very important accessories needed in any home, office or building. They don't just beautify, they are also essential in seeing certain things and at night especially. It also beautifies the environment and give it more glamour and is important don't just have light bulb fixtures for lighting the environment when need but also to make the environment presentable. On Jumia, we have all types of light bulbs you might need from time to time with includes LED bulbs, amp socket switch, lighting bulb and we even have the ones that are need to be fixed into the ceiling and also energy saving bulbs for people that care about the environment in general. We have all these bulbs at the most affordable and lowest prices online. Buy now and pay cash on delivery when it is being delivered to you.