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Lip care products form an important part of a woman's makeup and beauty regimen and that includes a whole range of products apart from the much known lip sticks and lip gloss. Choose from top quality lip balms to keep your lips smooth and soft. Jumia features lip make-up products from major brands such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Lakme, Color Studio Professional, Dior, Christine, Rimmel and Revlon among others. Our collection of lip make-up products include lip stains, lip shiners, lip gloss and lipsticks in various colours and shades. Select natural and subtle shades to match your mood and outfit or experiment with unconventional shades of lip colours such as purple, blue and indigo. With the invention of new and modified products, nowadays you can get a wide range of health and beauty products for your lips on Jumia Ethiopia. The care and make up of your lips do not only confine within lip gloss or lip colors. You can opt for the modern accessories like the lip balm, lip sticks, lip shiners and lip stains. These products can provide your lips a healthy and glossy look along with the retaining the necessary natural colors. Often in the days of cold or in presence of dry air your lips turn dry and they just might look unmatched with your attire and personality. Hence you must apply the appropriate product to rejuvenate them which you can find on Jumia Ethiopia to a large extent. The varieties and brands available here are quite a lot. You can get some premium world class brands like the L'Oreal, Revlon, Dior, Color Studio and Elizabeth Helen along with some local attractive brands. If you are looking for a stylish unconventional look you can choose the vibrant and unique color like blue, black or purple or you can stick to the traditional range of pink, orange or different shades of red. The modern lip gloss and balms are multipurpose in usage and can provide a comfortable and natural color to your lips along with serving their authentic purpose of moisturizing your lips and making them look healthy and nurtured. The wide variety of colors of the lip sticks and the lip shiners can complete your look, whether be it a classy elegant one or a stylish fashionable one.Visit our online store for convenient shopping and selection of lip care products and get them delivered at your home.

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No makeup is complete without maintaining and beautifying the lips. It goes without saying that lip care is as important as colouring them. Dry and chapped lips are a bane and the best way to keep them at bay is to keep your lips moisturised and well-hydrated with nourishing lip balms. The look of healthy lips can then be enhanced with stunning lip colours. You can opt for natural shades of pink, peach and brown for daytime use. However if you want to transform your look from natural to bold, select from the tempting range of dark shades such as bright red or maroon. Pick a classic dark shade to add a touch of glamour for that special occasion. Add instant shine to your lips with lip gloss available in many colours. Choose from a range of lip products available at our online beauty store on Jumia.The product range available on Jumia Ethiopia is quite varying and unique. Here you can get the lip care and health items for your lips like the Carmax lip gloss for giving you soothing and nourished lips. This item is available for both men and women. Next you can choose the Carmex Moisturizing Lip Gloss Stick and the lip balms with SPF for having healthy lips. If you are looking for a colored lip gloss which can provide you the necessary shinning and glossy look to your lips you have the freedom to choose from quite a number of premium products. The Labello Classic lip balm sticks come in a number of colors and can be of great use to you. The Victoria's Secret lip health and beauty products include the lavish and shinning range of colors like pink and shades of red and can be reason of envy for your fellow companions. The L'Oreal brand has got its unparallel range of lip make up items for sale on Jumia Ethiopia and you can readily choose for a traditional flavored light colored lip gloss or an unconventional bright colored lip sticks. The Elizabeth Helen Lipsticks are best suited for people who don't want to experiment with their makeup kit and can be equally accepted by people of all age group. The Ms Lipsticks are quite unique and more over their affordable prices are meant to permit the budget of all. Revlon is a premium and world class brand for beauty items and are available in single colored flavored or normal lip gloss sticks.

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The lipsticks are meant to provide colors to your lips while the lip gloss and lip balms can serve the purpose of providing necessary moisture to your lips as well as making them look shinning and colorful. The products available on Jumia Ethiopia are so classy and high quality ones that they can easily take a pivotal role in your day to day make regime and you will be extremely satisfied using them. Keeping in mind the budget of purchase for the customers the product prices are kept within the affordable range. The quality of these products is quite high and these are mostly made from natural ingredients with natural colors so that your precious lips are taken good care of. Some of these products even come with natural flavors of fruits so that licking them unintentionally can provide you with a fresh and sweet fragrance. Thus it's high time that you choose the correct variety of the lip beauty and utility product and purchase it from Jumia Ethiopia so that you can have the perfectly colored healthy lips best suiting your personality, your attire and your mood. Be it a social event, a corporate gathering or a day to day use, you can always look your best and appropriately dressed for any occasion.