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If there is something that a woman adores beside women's jewelry, it has to be make-up and cosmetics . Every woman wants to look elegant and youthful. On Jumia Ethiopia, we bring you our all new range of cosmetics and beauty products for women. Make up not only boosts your image but also gives a lot of confidence to your personality. These days' the Ethiopian markets are flooded with cosmetics products and it becomes difficult to decide what to buy. In many shops you will even not be able to find the best brands of cosmetics, and the seller will try to push you the product which will sooth his profitability. That's why it is always advisable to buy makeup items online particularly from Jumia where you will get unending variety of makeup products at the most reasonable prices. On Jumia we have a huge range of Lipstick, Nail polish, face powder, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Dream liquid Mousse, Lip Gloss, Body cream and fragrance mist, Eye liner pencils and what not. All these products will give your face a special makeover that you have only dreamt of and enable you to look even more beautiful. All makeup products on Jumia are gentle on skin, nourishing and protecting while adding to your glamour. We also offer make up boxes of various beautiful designs and colours. Whether you are wearing make up for office or for a party, on Jumia Ethiopia you will find all types of make-up products which will make you look fabulous from foreign brands like Victoria's Secret.

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Creating a makeup kit is fun and tricky, but you must know what products to buy before shopping for your cosmetics. Always buy make up products online. We only offer diverse products but also the make-up products are cheap, safe and durable. Before buying a product always use a tester. Test the same on your skin or test the smell. It is not possible while buying make up products online, so it is advisable that you test the products bought by your friend or colleague. Note the product name, brand and shade number and then search online and buy. On Jumia you will get a huge range of makeup products like lipsticks, nail polish and other exclusive products to choose from. Always buy makeup products offered by trusted brands. A lipstick or nail polish from a trusted brand might be bit expensive compared to a fairly unknown one, but you can rest assured that it will be a good quality product. The most interesting thing about shopping on Jumia is, the products are not only of good brands such as Bobbi Brown, Carmex, Clinique, L'Oreal, Jordana, Mac, Maybelline, Revlon etc but these products are available at extremely reasonable prices also. Always buy make up products which are sealed. Never buy cosmetics which are unsealed. Needless to say, you will not find a single make up product on Jumia unsealed.

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Explore our extensive collection of makeup products on Jumia, including products for your eyes, lips and face. Also find from our magnificent range of make-up kits with fabulous colour and style. On Jumia, we stock items from some of the best brands in the beauty business such as Carmex, L'Oreal, Mac, Maybellin, Revlon to name a few. Some of the most popular make up products available on Jumia are, MS Lip stick, L'Oreal Paris Ladies strawberry flavour lip gloss, Tiga Nail polish, Mac Face powder, Jordana pressed powder, Revlon fast dry nail Enamel etc. Shop online as you browse makeup products by brands, price, reviews, special offers or discounts, depending on your specific needs. You can choose from lipsticks and nail polishes for every day wear, matte or glossy ones, and those that keep your lips fully moisturised. In addition to this we have glosses that will fully compliment your lips along with lipsticks. It doesn't matter what is your skin tone or skin type is, we have all kinds of makeup products which will meet all your needs easily. So what are you waiting for? Avail yourself of the best make up products from the best brands available at the most reasonable prices on Jumia.