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Eyewear can be defined as items or accessories worn over or on the eyes, for style, fashion or, protection against the particles in the atmosphere, and to enhance or correct visual accuracy. Popular types of eyewear around include glasses (known as eyeglasses or spectacles also), contact lenses, and sunglasses. Men's eyewear also includes more functional forms of eye protection, such as goggles for sporting activities.
Back in the early nineteen century, ‘eye glasses’ were known mainly as medical aids. Using any eyewear was seen as humiliating, because of the forms and styles the frames of the glasses had. In modern times, more fashionable glasses for men have been made available through different manufacturers, and people now go for style even while buying correctional eyewear.

Different Frame Shapes for Men’s Glasses

There are different types of glass shapes that suit, particular kind of faces. It’s a common mistake people make while shopping for men glasses; ignoring the shape of their face while selecting frames. Here are the key face shapes and glasses types that match them.
• Square Shaped Glasses – These are the common/regular glasses look. They are a very classy and stylish eye accessory which are suitable for both shades and correctional glasses. The square shaped glasses are best for oval or round faces.
• Round Shaped Glasses - These shape of glasses are classics and have been around for years, they have a comic-like appeal. They are good for different face shapes. The round shaped are fun and eye-catchy. It’s perfect for people that don’t mind experimenting with glass
• Pilot/Aviators Glasses – These are common with sunglasses. The pilot frames are super stylish, and cool. It allows its user have that pilot-life feel. They are manufactured mostly by Ray-Ban. Aviator sunglasses suit all face shapes, especially oblong face.
• Browline Sunglasses – These popular vintage shape also known as Malcom x shades, appeals to people from different generations. They can be worn for any purpose, they are known to make its user stand out. This retro shape glasses are definitely a must get for any glasses lover.

Where to buy Original Sunglasses online in Ethiopia.

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