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Wallets have always been men's biggest weakness. You just love to buy wallets. Jumia Ethiopia understands your craze for wallets and takes it a notch higher. The slim wallets, the wrist wallets, the in fashion long wallets or the money clips, the range is just amazing. To make shopping even more interesting, brands like Adidas, Agena Leather, Arsema Leather, Elyse, Ethopia, Nike and Mamush Leather, to name a few have been included. The best of leather wallets is just a click way. The Agena Men's Leather wallet, with its excellent quality is a winner from the word go. The Betty Men's Leather Wallet is a class apart. The Men's 100% Leather Wallets –Black needs no introduction. Make your friends and loved ones feel special with the classic Men's Beverly Hills Polo Club Wallet. Every detailing about this wallet is unique. The Aiby Men's Leather Wallet has been designed keeping your taste in mind. You will love this leather wallet. The Men's Bi- Fold Wallet has been making a lot of noise in the market. These Bi- Fold wallets come in a variety of colours, so that you are fully satisfied. You can also go for the Men's Black Synthetic Bi- Fold wallet. The Habesha Buckle Detail Wallet is a beautiful wallet. The Aynalem Men's Leather Wallet is another top quality wallet available on Jumia Ethiopia.

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This online shopping platform also allows you to browse a grand collection of backpacks, which come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Various backpacks are created to suit various conditions and purposes, and on Jumia you can easily find a backpack to suit the purpose you have in mind. Some backpacks have wheels so you don't need to carry them on your back, while other backpacks have laptop and smartphone compartments for you to carry your gadgets conveniently. Jumia also provides you with business bags which come in a variety of sizes and materials, from leather, nylon or polyester. Typically the bags will have one or more document pockets, extra accessory and reinforced laptop compartments and shoulder straps which are often detachable. Many business bags are now designed to carry safely lap tops and will indicate the size of lap top that will fit securely in the business bag. But alternatively, there are other business bags that are built to serve other purposes. For this reason, it is important to consider the main end use you are looking for from your business bag before you buy one, because there are so many different features that can be entailed. Bags clearly play a vital role in the accessories of any modern person. You don't have to be planning a trip for you to own luggage because in one way or another, it always comes in handy. And with Ethiopia's largest online marketplace, you are now able to shop for the perfect traveling accessory without traveling at all. These days' suitcases come in a variety of different brands, styles and materials. Suitcases can be hard or soft-sided, mounted on wheels, a feature which develops a sort of convenience in a travel bag that is stable and consequently easier to manage particularly when full. With Jumia's vast selection, you are bound to be spoilt for choice. So visit Jumia today and discover the best deals on a range of bags, backpacks and suitcases

The bags to watch out for

There are innumerable superior quality wallets available on Jumia Ethiopia to pamper you. The Dialing Wallet for Men, Men's Booklet Leather Wallet, Arsema Leather Wallet, Elyse Wallet and Maroof Wallet are some top branded wallets. You can also try the Ethiopia Leather wallet. The amazing collection of bags on Jumia Ethiopia will leave you spellbound. Be it laptop bags, hand bags, travel bags, designer bags, duffle bags or trolley bags, the list is endless. Shopping for bags cannot get better than this. What is even more impressive is the extremely affordable price range. The best laptop deserves to be carried in the best laptop bag. The Power In Hand Black Unisex Laptop Back Bag is just what the doctors have advised for your laptops. These bags are extremely comfortable. The Ethiopia Brown Laptop bag and the Witzman Black Unisex Laptop Back Bag are a must for your laptops. The Yangfan Black Men's Shoulder Bag or the Bzxilu Grey Men's Shoulder Bags are irresistible. The One Shoulder Back Pack bag is out of this world. The Unique Leather Bag- brown is top notch. The Kashibo Silver Colour Men's Back Bag is very trendy and fashionable. Mamush Leather Back Packs, Puma Black Unisex Back Bag, Nike Black Unisex Back Bag and Toshiba Black Unisex Back Bags are top quality comfortable bags. Top brands like Toshiba, Puma, Adidas, Mamush, Ethoipia, Woynishet and Nike are all part of Jumia Ethiopia.

The best travel bags on the market

A good travel bag makes a holiday or a travel even more pleasant. On Jumia Ethiopia, the range of travel bags will leave you in awe. The quality is the USP of these travel bags. The Dengsy Blue Unisex Travel back Bag is a wonderful travel bag. The Leather Bowler Travel Bag –Orange and the Leather Bowler Travel Bag with handle -Brown are very cool and classy. The Clain Men's Briefcase Bag Black Leather comes at an amazingly affordable price. The Green duffle Bag for Travel Purposes is an ideal travel bag. You can also avail the elegant Leather Travel Bag –Brown, the Best Canvas Traveller Back Packs or the cool Journey Bag. Get the best Trolley bags on Jumia Ethiopia. The Patterned Trolley Bag is a great bag. The Trolley Travel Bag, the Brown Roller Travel Bag and the Brown and Black Square Pattern Travel suitcase are completely worth the deal. The Woynishet Leather Backpack Bag-Black is a revelation. It is extremely elegant. The Moonlight Men's Black Leather Made Doctor Bag is every doctor's delight. Do not miss the Linu Design Bag and the LV First Copy Hand Bag. The Leather Messenger Bag with Zipper or the Leather Cross bag is not a bad deal either. On Jumia Ethiopia, you can shop for some amazing sports bag. Be it the Men's Adidas Sports Back Bag, the Ronglida Sports Back Pack or the Sports Canvas Traveller Back Packs, you can avail them all.