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Phones are fragile devices and they always need care as well as attention. Kamyu is the best online marketplace for purchasing mobile covers in Ethiopia; we have good offers and products at very affordable price. A perfect and good mobile phone cover can save your phone from getting dirty and save it from damage. Phone covers also protects your mobile phone's surfaces from unwanted scratches and dirt. You can get mobile covers for every brand phones or shapes. These covers have many features which will help you to operate your phone comfortably. Protective side edges with back cuttings for primary camera and much more are facilities available in mobile phone covers on Jumia. Stylish covers with various patterns and pictures or carved shapes on the back side. Shop on Jumia and get the cover you want for your mobile phone. Protect your phones from bruises or scratches by using protective mobile covers. You can get many types of covers like rubber covers, silicone covers or fiber covers. Select color from their huge pile of mobile covers.

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Protect your mobile phone by getting covers on Jumia, we have the biggest stock for mobile phone covers. Colorful covers and strong protections, these covers provide all round protections for phones. These covers have port holes and camera holes for your phones. You can easily operate through covers and it also makes easy to use. Mobile covers types like pouches, rubber covers, silicone covers and hard covers all are available here. Magnetic covers with pouch can help you to carry phone easily and comfortably. Stylish covers with great graphic designs and carvings, moreover covers with brand tags, just scroll and get the desired products. Flip covers are best for protections, because they protect both your screens and also the back portion of mobile phones. Flip cover has carvings and cutting for making the usage of phone real easy. You can receive calls through covers purchased on Jumia and even can shuffle music when the cover is put on. The Covers on Jumia protects your phones from external damages and also helps in regulate air through your device. Hear all sound clearly without any distortions, these covers have cuttings for sound and speakers of mobile. All brands and styles are available on Jumia

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Quality is most important criteria in case of mobile covers, because good quality means long lasting protection for your mobile phone. So whenever you buy a phone always get a durable mobile covers on Jumia for complete protection. Affordable price with best quality assurance, all such exciting offers you can get only on Jumia. We are the best online marketplace fro buying covers and scratch guard. We have huge stock and collections for mobile phone covers, you can get international brand at one place. Facilities like port holes, head phone holes and USB port holes, all these features you can get at very affordable prices. Get Exciting offers for mobile phone covers. You will get best deals and comparatively low price for branded mobile covers. Durable and long lasting mobile covers will protect your phone longer time. Shop now and select the best price and good quality of Phone cover only on Jumia.