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Mobile phones are telecommunication devices that are used to perform various functions. Gone are the days when mobile phones are basically used for calling and texting. Now, you can do much more than that. You can surf the web, chatting with friends and loved ones on instant messengers, update on social media accounts, watch movies, listen to songs, stream live matches, and so much more. It will seem like a surprised when you hear or see someone without a phone. In this age, it is one of the must-have basic amenities for human survival. The good news is it isn't too late for you for you to get one. With latest brands and features rolling out with new mobile devices, you are sure to be thrill when you eventually decide which you'd prefer.

Tablets in Ethiopia

Just like the mobile phones, Tablets are much bigger and weigh more than the normal phones. Due to their wide screen feature, they provide you some basic unique features and qualities. An instance is watching a movie. You would definitely get a better user experience watching a movie on a tablet than a mobile phone. The same thing can be said for games. While playing games, it is more fun to play on the tablet because you get a wider viewing experience. Where tablets has its perks, mobile phones too have theirs. It basically depends on what you want and no one said you can't own both.

Choosing the Right Mobile Phone

Day in day out, there are several mobile manufacturers developing new models with unique features that tries to beat off other competitors. The mobile industry is a healthy competitive industry because there are many option available for you. These options range basically from low price phones to expensive phones with each offering you a good value for your money. Choosing a mobile phone can be a bit of a drag of you don't know the precise specs you desire. We can help you make that choice easy and fast.

Brand Name: Most people are brand lovers meaning they prefer to stick with a trusted brand name than exploring other brands. You also need to know what brand you prefer. There are top brands such as HTC, Apple, LG, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, Infinix, Tecno, Lenovo, and more. These brands have several models you can select from including their latest release. Once you decide which brand you want, that's the first step in the right direction.

Operating System: This is a major decider in which mobile phone you will end up selecting. There are few top class mobile operating system in the world. The most popular of that list are Android, iOS, BBOS, and Windows Phones. Each of this mobile operating system has an advantage over the other. The Android OS developed by Google is the most popular world mobile OS. It is used basically across all phones due to its flexibility and compatibility. The android OS also offers you various update versions with the latest being the Marshmallow OS 6. The iOS is for Apple products like the iPhones and iPads. It is simple and fast. It is generally believed this brand is for high class people but no one said you can't own one and join the high class people. If you are Blackberry lover then the BBOS is the perfect fit for you. It was developed by Research in Motion (RIM). This mobile OS offers you lots of options and simplicity. Then finally is the windows phone mobile OS which was developed by Microsoft and formed a partnership with Nokia in order to fast track the marketing of the sublime mobile OS. These choices may appear more difficult but in truth, they only help you see why you should buy a mobile phone with any of them as your OS.

Processor Speed: This is how fast your phone can carry out instructions and execute commands. Every operation on the phone is handled by the microprocessor. Each device always come with a unique processor speed and also the number of processor. The speed of the processor is usually measured in Gigahertz and it is called the Clock speed. For a good mobile phone, a minimum of 1.3GHz processor should be the least you should go for. Anything above that is perfect. Also the number of processors are always indicated on the product specs. It is usually denoted by Dual-core meaning 2 processors, Quad-core meaning 4 processors, and Octa-core meaning 8 processors. It is important to note that the higher the number of processors, the faster the phone is.

RAM: This is the Random Access Memory of the phone. It works hand in hand with the mobile processor. When an operation is being carried out, the processor stores it in the RAM. It is a temporary storage unit that allows the processor switch between operations. It is usually denoted by Gigabyte and for a good RAM size, a minimum of 1.5GB RAM is okay. The larger the RAM size, the higher the number of applications the phone can run.

ROM: This is the Read Only Memory of the phone. It is also referred to as the internal storage unit. It is where you store all your files and documents like pictures, songs, videos, and more. It is also measured in Gigabyte. A minimum of 16GB ROM should be the ideal choice for a good mobile phone.

External Storage Slot: Unlike the Apple products which doesn't support external storage slot for microSD cards, instead they provide you with iCloud which is an online storage unit should you require any additional storage space. It is much easy choosing a phone that gives you external slot capability that can support up to a minimum of 64GB. In additional to you internal memory, you have a lot of space to save more files and documents.

Connectivity: There are basically several connectivity options but the most important are the Bluetooth and Wireless connection option. The Bluetooth allows you pair with accessories like Bluetooth headphones, sound bar speakers, and more. The wireless allows you access wireless network in order to surf the web, check your mails, and more.

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