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We all love our music. Whether it is at home or on the go, modern technology has allowed us to have our music with us wherever we are and whenever we want. At Jumia we know this all to well, and we have stocked our website with some of the best equipment for your listening enjoyment. It is one of life's great pleasures, and deserves Audio technology has come a long way since the phonograph, becoming more compact and portable than ever before. Keep up to date with latest devices and get the most out of your music with high quality headphones and speakers. From gaming and communicating, to podcasts, to audiobooks and more, Jumia offers just what is needed for your personal enjoyment.Over the past decade, the audio video and gaming have become a rather essential part of our lives. While cost of living goes uphill in some places, everyone owns some aspect of audio, video and gaming devices in their homes world over. Ethiopia has a well-advanced and eager population when it comes to being tech savvy and sportive. Right from a simple headphone to iPods, mp3 players, TVs, Projectors, Gaming consoles and accessories, all can be found under the single roof. We at Jumia are here to furnish your homes with the latest of gadgets, all updated to the most recent versions. Get rid of the old CDs and Cassettes, if you have any, and redecorate your walls and shelves with these beautifully crafted gadgets and be the envy of your neighbors and family. Unlike the recent past when you had to visit shopping malls and stores to purchase your homely necessities, Ethiopia is now the proud user of Jumia Ethiopia online shopping portal, the best all over the country. Devices that make your experience of gaming, audio and video entertainment a whole new level of exciting and thrilling are all found here and we are at your service throughout the day.Products are available to you in different rates, all made of high quality. Multiple brands, varying models and offers, all wait for you to choose from.

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At Jumia, we stock everything from headsets to boom boxes, from earbud headphones to portable speakers, and from mp3 players to home theatre systems. Liven up a picnic in the park with a battery powered speaker that can fit in your backpack. Go running with specifically designed sport earbuds. Drown out the world and get immersed in your music with top of the line over-the-ear headphones. Turn your TV room into a theatre with 5 channel surround sound systems. Enjoy your audio the way it was meant to be enjoyed. No matter what your need - or your desire - you can find an audio product to suit your fancy. All you need to do is start browsing.Now that you have selected your products, purchasing them here at Jumia is going to be a cinch. Type the product model name or brand name on the search field provided on Jumia Ethiopia, and a page containing your chosen product will open up, matching your search. Select your product and re-verify our seller rating, price and any specifications and click the buy button. We have several search filters provided on our webpage, making your shopping a simple and friendly experience like never before. Once you have thoroughly checked your shopping cart for the product details, lookout for any offers that could enhance your shopping. Choose from a variety of payment options that include cash-on-delivery method, a boon from our team at Jumia, enabling you to pay during delivery of your products. We also provide many offers and discount deals so look out for any mega-savings message or tags along your shopping. Simple click the buy button, and your shopping is done. Our Shipping team is a very friendly unit. We will be checking up on your availability prior to product dispatch and reach your shopping bag at your doorstep without any hassle, whatsoever. Simply Jumia, and fulfill your shopping needs.

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Sophisticated gaming consoles, Personalized Audio & Video Entertainment Gadgets that put your simple home theatre to shame, or Subtle and Simple Designs that explode with facilities and tech filled options are a huge decision to make before you make your payment. It is crucial that you look into your budget and compatibility options prior to choosing the gadgets for your room. Be it Compact or a Ginormous Gizmo, it all comes down to your convenience, comfort and requirement. Are your purposes singular or manifold, one time or a long time use, fixed gadgets or portable ones, are the many questions you need to ask yourself before looking at a device. You will also find all accessories you require for your Audio, Video & Gaming Devices here with us . Gift your nephew with the latest Sony Playstation 3 for his birthday, surprise your husband with the 7.8" Portable DVD/TV Player for his road trips and travels, buy your son the Apple IPod Nano he has been asking for, treat yourself to a variety of TV brands with numerous specifications, all only at our Online Shopping portal, Jumia Ethiopia. A million products, replenished and updated with the latest versions on a daily basis, can be bought from the comfort of your home with a simple click. In Fact, buy your products on the go, with Jumia app on your mobile