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How do you feel when you get home from work and you realize there's no power in your apartment due to bad lamp or bulb? Why not buy lighting supplies online? These supplies include lamps which could be rechargeable or non-rechargeable, solar lamps, torch lights, and bulbs. If your old lighting supplies are no longer functional, then you need new sets of lighting supplies. Lighting supplies varies in shape, design, power, durability and brand. Before you choose any kind of lighting supplies, you might want to be sure of some features such as watts rating, the way it is powered either by electricity, solar or batteries, and how long it can last. Incase of sudden power surge, do the supplies come with in-built surge protector? No lighting supplies are made to last forever but you can trust Jumia to provide you with quality lighting supplies at very affordable prices.

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Have you tried searching for lighting supplies and you could not get it in a particular category? That is because it is under the same lighting supplies category but in our other lighting supplies category. To make it easy you can use our quick search bar to check for other lighting supplies. We have lighting products such as from Chint C25, Gato AC, Junction box, Romel electrical socket, changeover switch, and so much more on Jumia Kenya available for you to choose from. After purchase, you can also trust Jumia for the delivery of your order.