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Apple Watch - 42mm Silver Aluminum Case with Blue Sport Band

Apple Watch - 42mm Silver Aluminum Case with Blue Sport Band

Br 15,525
FA Exclusive Trade
FA Exclusive Trade
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The latest generation of low priced G-tide mobile phones has arrived at Jumia Market. Jumia Market offers different large screen smartphones that are priced much lower than the popular brands. The different models are now able to handle 3G mobile networks. They also come in a super slim design and have plenty of storage for applications and contacts. One of the most popular models is E71, which is very similar to the Samsung and iPhone models. Jumia Market offers as safe trading and buying opportunity, connecting those who no longer need their G-tide phone with people looking for a low priced quality item. As the phones are compatible with all applications and networks, they are ideal for people who are on the go and need internet and network connection all the time.

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Customers can grab a deal on the latest S3 camera phone, which is designed for creating high definition images and videos. The great resolution screen and the excellent fast processor make editing the photos and sharing them seamless. The new E79 model, on the other hand, has a large LCD screen, and up to 300 hours battery life in standby. It is designed for performance, and the powerful processor can handle multiple applications. All of the G-Tide phones come with the latest Android software, and have enough storage capacity to run different applications downloadable from the Android or Google Play stores. These phones also support IM on Facebook, and Gmail, so customers can check their messages on the go. The smartphones created by G-tide have the same capabilities as some of the top brand models, but customers can buy them for the fraction of the price of another brand. Jumia Market has a great selection of models suitable for everyone's needs, and the site offers fast secure delivery on all purchases. Check out the best offers on G-Tide phones on Jumia Market and start saving money.

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You can find several brands and models of smartphones online on Jumia Market Ethiopia. Arguably the best hub for the sale of mobile phones online, we offer the best selection of all brands of mobile phones and accessories to go with them. Whatever brand appeals to you, you will certainly find the best pick among our long list of the very best. Do not hesitate to do your shopping now on our marketplace where you will find other brands of phones such as Gtide, Itel, Huawei and the likes. We owe you a wholesome collection of the best array of mobile phones once you get on our marketplace to make your purchases. Make your dreams come true now and enjoy a pleasant mobile experience when you turn your wishlist to reality while shopping on our market place platform. To buy now, we have payment options that will work best for you in terms of safety and convenience. Enjoy these benefits and more on Jumia Market as you register for a free buyer account before you commence shopping for mobile phones on our marketplace.