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Over the head headsets are very essential accessories to phone users, because they are functional for all occasions and will come in handy at very different but necessary times. They have become an important part of people's lives that some people cannot function completely without their headsets with them. The good thing about this accessory is that you can take them wherever you go and they will perfectly blend into the occasion. They are very multi-functional and loveable by everyone, a lot of people can attest to its necessity and relevance.

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Overtime they have become part of the work environment and are the perfect options for hands free calls, because they tend to alienate the crowd and zone in on the focus of your call, so if you are in a noisy environment and you are looking to make calls , your best options are the over the head phones that will be perfect for work calls and even if you are looking to stock your office with a large number incase you run a huge enterprise, you can easily get great deals and discounts simply by shopping on Jumia.

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Are you a big fan of music, do you feel the constant need to get your ears covered, are you always in a secluded place with your ears covered? Then you should be happy to stumble upon our list of head sets on Jumia because we have the absolute best to offer. Jumia's collection of head phones ranges from some of the top brands in the business to the most reliable products that you can find anywhere and that simply rests on the fact that Jumia is always happy to make sure you get the best of everything. They are the perfect hideout in boring social gatherings and the go to option for sleepy moments at work and much more. Top brands like Beats by Dre, Nano Digital, Smart headphones and So much more.