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Shopping with Jumia for your PlayStation games is a completely trouble-free process which can last minutes or hours, the exact duration is down to you. If you know exactly which game you are looking for, simply punch it into our search bar and you will know within seconds if it's available on Jumia. If you are not sure what you want, then you could shop around for something that might interest you among our titles in store. Jumia is easy to use and you will be able to narrow down your search in several ways. If you are strapped for cash, then just specify your price on the left hand side of the interface and our database will do the rest, or you could browse through our used titles. Our web site stocks games for both the PlayStation 2 & 3 models, as well as numerous titles for the portable consoles. Available throughout Africa, Asia and various countries in Eastern Europe, Jumia is the ideal online marketplace for you.If you are obsessed with video games and if you find yourself spending your leisure time hooked to the screen clutching a wireless controller, then Jumia Ethiopia has exactly what you would love to collect more of. You can take your pick from our exciting collection of thrilling Play Station 3 and 4 games. Here we share your love for video games and have included an impressive and new range of games for you on our store, so that you never get too used to what gives you immense pleasure of everything else. The hi tech gaming experience offered by these new age gizmos is something that cannot be paralleled with any other form of physical games. The video gaming industry has indeed come a long way and is one of the most successful ventures as well. And we bring to you what is latest in the gaming market. Bring along your friends together and experience a group action with the most adventurous and thrilling play station games of all times. You can involve your siblings or friends into a group game or you can play it all by yourself. If you know how these are to be played, there are few things more exciting and exhilarating. And owning a whole play station console to yourself means you don't at all need to go out to the gaming parlors for refreshment, since you can have all the fun at your own place whenever you wish. And keeping your stock ready with the latest games would allow you to make the most of your play station device

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You don't have to be a child to enjoy games as many of the titles in our vast selection are specifically designed for adults. We have everything from gory war games to intellectual football manager titles, not to mention a great selection of brain teasers designed to truly test the wit and boundaries of human intelligence. There is something for everyone lurking in the Jumia collection, so feel free to splash out and pick up something for both yourself and the kids. With over 800 titles, we have something for every celebration of the year from birthdays to Christmas. Shop on Jumia today for the latest and greatest games for the PlayStation. Jumia Ethiopia is the most reliable online store in the country that offers you the best of computer games. We make sure that the options we provide on our store satisfies your yearning for those ultimate gaming escapades. Include cool and challenging games to your own collection and overwhelm your friends. Become the new gaming star as you trail through the most difficult and daring levels of the games. We give you a lot of reasons to be absolutely in love with our play station games. So you do not only find great games for your Play Station but also at pocket friendly rate. The Play Station games being sold at most of the brick and mortar stores would cost you a fortune and might just at times make you think twice before you decide to purchase one. We help you ease down that part of the decision making by offering amazing prices for the same. Thus in no time, after making your first purchase, you would find yourself visiting us again and again and checking out what's new in our stock. We are the last ones to disappoint you when it comes to the quality of the games. Check out for yourself and we guarantee you that you won't find a game anything less than mind blowing! These games offer you enjoyment and also propel you to challenge yourself through the myriad aspects of the games' inherent and charming designs. With the Play Station 3 and 4 games like Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 to the Injustice, we are all set to take you on a roll.