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If you are a music lover and you always want to listen to good music all day without interruptions, from when you are in the room, the kitchen, or toilet and all the way to when you take that morning jog, or maybe you are just some one that loves information, and you want to always stay current with local channels you love all day, that sound you require and sound effect you want when you're listening to your favorite songs, maybe you are just in a good mood and you have a desire to listen to great music, you don't have to carry the house speakers or inconvenience the whole house by playing your music outside. Get strong, modern boom boxes with great sounds and numerous features. They are so easy to use; you can plug in your memory cards, in to in wires or iPod. If you want to go old school, you can put in your tape or disc and party away. On our online market place, you would find varieties of high quality branded products. Our display includes pills by Dre, monster speakers, beats by Dre speakers, portable boom boxes, earphones, mp3 players and so on. On that long trip that you intend to keep to yourself and relax your mind with some cool tunes, go on Jumia Ethiopia, purchase an FM radio, mp3 player or an iPod and with our original earphones you enter a world of your own and enjoy refined music, news, gossip and shows. On the other hand, if you are looking for a louder effect maybe in your personal car or room, or you are having friends over and you want a little music to entertain them, go straight for our original boom boxes to get that outdoor feel with you and friends. When purchasing from a reliable source like Jumia, you are guaranteed of luxury in simplicity and great prices.

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A lot of people think radios are old fashioned and the only people that still make use of radios are old people, but that's wrong. Radios actually are the best ways to get on hand information as soon as they are produced, and since here at Jumia your looking good is a priority to us, we give you FM radios and boom boxes that still blend in well with your style, giving you old technology in modern styles at affordable prices.