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Sports is any kind of activity that involves physical exertion and a kind of skill. It is usually done with an individual or a team (a group of individuals with the same skill set) competing against another individual or another team for entertainment, and sometimes, prizes.

One of the beautiful things about sports is the various kinds one can pick interest in. there are so many out there that even if one decides not to watch or participate in one kind, there are a whole lot of others one can be a part of. Some of the most popular sports in the world include soccer, table tennis, golf, rugby, baseball and volleyball.

All of these sports are played with different sporting equipment that is quite unique to them. It also affects the way the game is played. For example, a ball is used in almost every kind of sport. But the kind of ball that would be used in soccer is not the kind that would be used in golf, and the kind used in baseball is very different from the one used in volleyball. That is how each sport has unique sports apparels and equipment that is part of their distinct uniqueness.

There are a lot of sporting goods available and because they all cannot be listed one after the other, they have been grouped into categories to make it easier to mention everything.

• Sports Clothes: sports clothes for each kind of sports varies in levels of thickness and covering, but they all have one thing in common, they are usually uniform. This indicates that it is a team and usually has designs and colors that separate a team from the opposing side. Extreme sports like cycling, scuba diving and fencing come with protective gear like helmets.
• Sports Shoes: most sports shoes come with special features, like spikes, shock absorbing inserts and depending on the sport being played, they also differ in the kind of material they are made with, designs and weight.
• Sports Apparatus: Since the ball, which is a very important and popular sporting equipment has been mentioned, there are a few other ones that are important when it comes to the world of sports. They include rackets, sticks or bats for the games, beams, trampolines, skis and motorcycles to mention a few.
Sports equipment: these are facilities and structures like the football pitch, boxing rings, wrestling mats and electric score board units.

There are different reasons why sports has become such a great part of human nature. One of them especially is that sports is a great form of exercise. Another reason people embrace sports is because it helps people socialize more. And who wouldn't love that?

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Sports affects the world in a lot of positive ways. And these days, sports isn't just limited to professionals. This means even in offices, one can be a member of the office team that participates in one kind of sports or another. This helps in bonding around the office. Sports has also been known to help one perform better academically.

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