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In the ever changing world of computer technology, a lot content are produced daily, shared and transferred one computer to another. You will find a great variety of storage devices here from the top brands to keep your documents safe or for transfer to another system. Whether you want the popular SanDisk memory card or your interest lie in Samsung external hard drive, you will definitely find your choice of brand, model and storage capacity right here on Ethiopia's leading marketplace. We have various sizes of storage devices ranging from 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB up to 500GB at competitive prices on our platform. Get your documents saved as quickly as possible, back up your computer system on an external hard drive for easy restoration later. When you are considering buying storage devices online, think of Jumia – your one stop marketplace where you will find a good number of memory card, RAM, flash disks, pen drives and other external storage devices and get good bargains.

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buffs, you can save your collection of favourite movies and games in an external hard drive as backup or share the files between your internal memory and external memory device. There are storage consuming setup files such as graphics software, video software and other creative applications that take up a lot of space which you can easily store on your external HDD. Whatever you intend to save whether for a later use or for everyday use, you can store on your external hard drive. Shop the best brands when you shop on Jumia for your choice of authentic storage device. We have Samsung, Western Digital, Sony and much more. All you need do is use our smart filter to narrow your search down to the exact size, brand and price of card readers, memory cards, internal and external hard drive, flash disks and other storage device available for sale on Jumia. Get the best price, order your choice today, pay cash on delivery.