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Covers are used to protect your tablet from dust, scratch and make your tablet more secure. Jumia Ethiopia offers various covers of tablet which gives a protection to your tablet and save it from all kind of mishaps. Tablet covers are designed in such a way that it doesn't make any kind of obstacles to the functionality of your tablet. Like covers have proper space for front and rear camera both and it doesn't make any kind of interface during capturing photos and videos. Rather it make your camera secure. Even it has special space for speaker. To listen properly one does not need to remove the cover. It also makes the screen secured. It saves your screen from any kind of scratches as well as dust. It has special spaces for all kind of soft keys too. There is no need to remove the cover to control your tablet through soft keys. You can use the soft keys comfortably without removing the cover. Special space for the port of headphone, charger, OTG and USB cable are also there. You can use all those ports even when your tablet is covered with a tablet cover. One can keep faith on the quality of the tablet covers which are available on Jumia Ethiopia. Price of the covers is also reasonable. Another advantage is covers are light in weight. One thing that matters if you buy any kind of flip cover is the quality of the leather that has been used to make the flip cover. Hence you must be very much sure about the quality of the leather.

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If you buy any kind of leather cover from Jumia Ethiopia then you can be very much sure about the quality. It will also fit your tab or booklet properly. You will also get a huge collection of different types of covers for flip books or booklets. You will get iPod air black booklet cover or even some pink booklet covers .You will get lots of varieties and you can choose any one of them according to your choice. If you have a tab then you will surely be conscious about the safety of such a thing. You will not have to spend much on these things but you can see that the things are very much necessary. If you buy it from Jumia Ethiopia you will not even have to worry about the quality of the product or service of the company. The price of the products are reasonable and if you have some products like booklets or even if you are planning to buy some then you will surely have to buy the covers for them. Various tablet covers are available on Jumia, like black mini tab booklet safety cover which protects your mini tab. It covers your tab fully that means it secures your tab from back to front. It covers back of your tablet as well as the screen too.

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Pink booklet safety cover which gives same kind of protection to your tablet at the same time the color of the cover makes your tablet much more attractive. Tablet covers on Jumia are light you don't feel the weight. They are too lighter to feel and covers are enough flexible. At the same time, they protect your tablet from all kinds of external damages and make your device secure. In other words, it increases the protection of a tablet. Once you buy this product on Jumia Ethiopia, you get it on time and you also get to pay cash on delivery. Even if you want to return the product in any case the payback procedure of this site is very easy and this is assured; customer service on Jumia is good. Sometimes you may also get an offer of free shipping for your desired product. So you can see you will not have to go to anywhere to get much-needed products. There are lots of things that you can buy on Jumia.