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If you want to buy some accessories for television then you can sure try some of them on Jumia Ethiopia. We have a huge collection of accessories like television screen cleaner, three dimensional active glasses etc. Various TV accessories are available in the market. One of them is LCD screen cleanser. To get the best picture quality one should clean the LCD of TV regularly with a proper cleanser solution. Cleaning the LCD is also necessary to remove dust. LCD screen cleaning is available with us and price of this screen cleaner is very low. You can clean your LCD with a very low cost and get a beautiful view. Just order to us and we will deliver. If you have a television set then you will obviously require a cleaner for that television set and in local shops many low quality cleaners are available but may not guarantee the quality of the product and also you TV screen may not be safe. TV accessories can make your TV experience much better.

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You can also get 3 dimensional glasses right here on Jumia. You will surely enjoy the full view of any home theatre if you use these kinds of glasses and moreover they are very much safe for your eyes as well. The color quality and transparency is very high. The glasses are very much comfortable as well. Nowadays every TV set offers 3D picture quality to get the 3D effect clearly one can use Sony Titanium 3D Active Glasses. It is a product of Sony company so you can rely on the quality of the glass and use it to make your entertainment more interesting. Price of this glass here is very affordable. So any one can buy it easily and enjoy 3D movie at home on own TV.

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Get the best price and widest range of TV accessories on Jumia. You will be able to clean any kind of LCD screen of any television set and you can be much sure you are getting the best offer for the product. The price of the product is also very affordable. You can also get AV-Jack sets on Jumia. The ports are well-built and no problems would be faced using them. In many local jacks you may face lots of problems while using them and sometimes the connections are not made properly. But in this case you will surely get genuine product so that you do not face a single problem while using it. AV-Jack is a useful cable. The AV- jacks on Jumia can be used to connect your TV with digital Set-Top-Box. They can also be used to connect your TV set with DVD or CD players to play movies and songs. Using this jack you can also connects other digital accessories like digital cameras to watch the content of that gadget on your TV. This AV-jack is very affordable and it is available on Jumia so you can be bought right now!.