Top 10 Facial Tips Every Woman Should Know

The face is one of the most important features of a woman. Sure, we do not want lose our figure and become fat. However, whenever you ask a woman what part of her body she takes care of the most, she would say the face. This would be right because as we age, we realize the body changes. The other parts of our bodies sag with age and although the face also does eventually, it will take a while if we maintain it properly. Here are some tips on how to treat your face right and looking refreshed at all times.

Wash Your Make-up Brushes At Least Every 6 Weeks

First things first, ladies should be aware that using powder brushes is better than using powder puffs when it comes to applying facial powders. This is because a powder puff absorbs moisture which does not dry up. Moreover, because you can't wash it, it retains dirt thereby doing more damage to your face in the long run. Also, using a puff means using more powder which isn't very economical because we know most of these products don't come cheap.
Back to my point, washing your brushes ensures that what you use to apply your make-up stays clean and does not irritate your face. You can easily wash your brushes with shampoo or mild soap and then put them out to dry before using them again. At this point, they're pretty much as good as new.

Exfoliate Your Face

This process is very efficient for cleaning out the pores blocked by the make-up we apply daily. This is because blocked pores generate acne, blackheads and the likes. Normally a good process would be to steam the face first before the exfoliation process. Steaming the face opens the pores and brings out the dirt in the face. This aids the face in absorbing the exfoliation scrub you use because the pores are now open.
There are available cream scrubs for exfoliation. You can also easily make your scrub at home. Sugar and honey are very good for exfoliation. Just mix them together, apply on the face and wash out with water and mild soap after 5 minutes.

Avoid the Sun

We were taught in school that the sun is a good source of vitamin D. That has not changed. But the sun should be avoided as much as possible, any time after 8am. This is because the morning sun is the provider of vitamin D. But when the sun gets too hot, it releases ultra violet rays which are not only harmful to the face, but to the entire skin as well. These rays can generate cancerous cells in the body and give the worst sun burns.
It is not totally possible to avoid the sun, which is why you should always have an umbrella readily available to protect you from the sun. Also, apply a reasonable amount of sun screen to your face to protect your facial skin from the ultra violet rays.

Always Clean Out Your Make-up at Night

This cannot be stressed enough. One should know that even without being told, it is a very bad idea to sleep with make up on your face. Your make up blocks the pores on the face that needs to breathe as you sleep. You want to achieve that baby smooth face? Never sleep with make up on.
You can purchase make up removers, wipes or the liquid ones and a bag of cotton wool anywhere. Keep them close to your bed so that no matter how tired you are after a long day, they are always within reach. Make sure to buy make up removers without alcohol content. Olive oil is also great for removing make up.

Eat a Lot of Fruits

Fruits generally make the body function properly. This is because of the liquid and vitamins they produce. Fruits help to:
• rid the body of toxins
• firm up the skin and prevents sagging
• neutralize free radicals that damage skin cell
• alternate your consumption of processed sugar which can cause inflammation that causes damage to the skin.
Eat a lot of fruits. It is one of the best medicines.

Exercise Your Facial Muscles

The easiest way to do this is to smile a lot. Yes. A smile goes a long way in relaxing the facial muscles. Another tidbit is to use sunshades to cover to your eyes from the sun or bright lights. This helps to reduce stress on your eyes and keeps the wrinkles away. Also, rubbing your hands around the crease of your eye helps to circulate blood flow around your eyes. Tiny detail, this helps your eyelashes grow and stay healthy.


Sleep is as important as food, breathing and drinking. This is when the body shuts down to rest after a long hard day. The sleep time should never be skipped continuously for a long time. The catch is to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day. This keeps you refreshed the whole day and reduces your stress levels a great deal.

Use Quality Products for Your Facials

Fake products can be very detrimental to the face. Always stick to products that are original and mild. Also avoid jumping from products to products due to hearsay. Get a good dermatologist that can give you full information on what products best suit your skin type.


Water is important. Simple! Water hydrates the skin and keeps it glowing and fresh. It also rids the body of oils, dirt and toxins. It also keeps us refreshed. Taking a lot of water saves us from consuming too much soda drinks and processed juices which is not so healthy because of the processed sugar it contains. As important as it is to drink plenty of water, it is also important to wash the face daily with plenty of water. You can splash water once or twice on your face to hydrate it.

Use Moisturizers

Moisturizers are very important especially if you have dry skin. They help to increase the skin's hydration by reducing the evaporation on the skin. Good moisturizers will help to eliminate dry skin on the face and keep it smooth and glowing even if you do not apply anything else on the face.