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Towels are important bath accessories that are required to wipe dry the body .they are made of absorbent fabric which collects moisture from the skin when it's moist. Apart from the normal intent of cleaning the body, good looking towels make our bathrooms look good, means it can be used for decorative purposes, types of the quality of a bath towel differ in thickness, depending on what the customer requires. There are people who might like big thick towels while others might prefer very absorbent, quick-drying ones. Qualities of towels depend on their materials. For softness and durability some people tend to go for cotton because of its high-quality threads that absorb water and the threads soft feel.

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materials for towels are basically the main things to consider when purchasing towels , towels required for bathing would have a different feel from hand towels , the one which are required for moving around to clean sweat , Jumia makes the prize of towel so affordable , so no one wouldn't have the luxury of cleaning or wiping there body dry, on Jumia you can get cheap towels that still maintain there high quality, you can get good bath towels , beach towels , towel overalls and so on , every average person shouldn't use a towel for at least more than a week without washing, Jumia has made it possible for everyone to afford towels online and get all of them delivered to you at your convenience , so if you are trying to get towels to fill up hotels no problem , we offer quality and quantity , or its for personal use, on Jumia we have different sets of towels that suit any occasion and they are sold at very affordable prices for everyone.