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Whether for use at home or at the work place, electronic products are essential to our daily lives. There are tons of electronics and home appliances for you to buy online. We have game consoles, digital camera, television and many more. Jumia Ethiopia offers the best prices on electrical appliances on Jumia. You have options and choices to select from while you shop for your electronics. Shop top brands like LG, Samsung, Midea, and Haier Thermocoolare available right here. Looking for quality and durable electronics? You have visited the right marketplace for highly rated products.

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Jumia offers an extensive range of work tools such as drills, surge protectors, saws, technical measuring tapes, hammers, meters, accelerators and many more. On this segment of our online platform, you can also get every home device, appliances and needs. You can shop from an extensive list of kitchen supplies such as blenders, mugs, ceramic plates, utensils and other products such as a home theatre set, power voltage sets, outdoor surveillance cameras and many others. Jumia also offers a range of extension sockets which are very useful in helping in the distribution of power throughout your home while the water pumps which we have available are used to send water in a unilateral direction through the pipes in your home, so that you enjoy a steady supply of water.

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Electrical appliances like TVs are revolutionizing the way we watch DVD's and other forms of home entertainment. More affordable than ever before and manufactured by a wide range of top brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and more - it has never been easier to get your hands on one of these devices. With players that function in cars as well as portable devices that are excellent on the go and perfect for long haul flights and car journeys. Thanks to Jumia, it is easier and more affordable than ever before to enjoy fantastic quality portable video device entertainment than ever before. So be sure to check online and find the perfect device for you and your needs. Portable video devices can be installed in cars to provide entertainment solutions for those travelling in the back and can even be installed around the home in certain strategic areas of the house. With superb quality picture and sound as well as super easy functionality, these portable electronic devices do not just look great, they deliver high quality functionality that is easy for everyone to use. Easy to install with a lot of fun to it, these devices are changing the way people are entertained, making watching your favorite films on the go, easier than ever before.