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Looking to change your television and don't know where to find the right one? The solution is none but Jumia Ethiopia. If you love to watch movies and playing games a TV is a thing that you need. Here you will get various categories of TVs through which you can choose the perfect one. From Tube TVs to Plasma, LCDs and LED TVs here you will get the best picture quality, screen resolution and alike. Many brands are now pushing sizes offering HD display and the jaw dropping UHD display. Jumia offers televisions of all sizes that range from 90 inches to 110 inches. If you got space in your room a big screen television with various features and excellent picture quality is at your disposal. If you are planning to buy a new TV because the old one needs a lot of repairing that is unnecessary? If yes, then a bit of research for several brands on Jumia is total worth it. Here you will find it easier to get the right size of television with lots of features available. We offer you a chance to get the best TV matching with your likes and preferences.

Confused about the Type of Television to buy?

Here on Jumia, you find find information on different type of TVs you can find in Ethiopia. If you are low in budget then a tube TV is the perfect choice. LCDs are another kind of TV that have thin displays and a thin flat panel helps in blocking the light or allow it to pass. Want something more? LCDs, and LEDs are the most popular format of TV on the market because of their size, cost and versatility. Look no further and buy TVs from Jumia because all types of TVs are available at affordable prices. Now that you know the diverse types of television do not hesitate to place your order. If you are interested in buying televisions you can find out more about each type by searching for them online on Jumia. To help in deciding your options carefully we offer an entire range of TVs to pick the best one that suits your budget. Since you have a list of TVs in your mind, it has now become easy to pick the best within budget from us.

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Remember that embarrassing moment when there is a family gathering at your home and your TV doesn't come on. It is the time for you to get a new one! We offer the best prices on TVs with a large selection of various models and features with an extended period of warranty and various other enticing offers. Jumia offers an easy browsing and searching method through which you can find the best TV for the best price. Furthermore, as compared to any physical store you can find an array of products with a single click and you won't feel the pressure to buy other things. Shopping with us gives you convenience that delivers TV at your door step. We believe in giving you many choices to choose ranging from a cheap TV for your bedroom to large screen set for your living room there are hundreds of TV available. We rigorously try to provide you with the latest models of TVs so that you can choose the right one.