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Apart from maybe your house, a car is probably the biggest purchase you will make in your life time. Ideally you want it to last a number of years, so it take a lot of thought and consideration to buy the right vehicle for you. Jumia makes it a bit easier for you. We have hundreds listed on our site, so the choice is enormous so you are sure to find something that suits you and your family. If the thought seems overwhelming, don't worry, you can browse through categories, depending upon the make, model, year, mileage, condition, fuel type, size of the engine and the city it's sold from so you can narrow your search as much as possible. We sell both used and new vehicles, so you always find a bargain on JumiaShould you buy a new or a used car? The answer is simple - it all depends on your budget and the type of car you are looking for. On Jumia Ethiopia you can find a variety of cars from various reputed brands. Besides brand new cars that are still not out of the showroom to well-maintained used cars, you will find your favourite four-wheel almost instantly here on Jumia. Finding both a new or used car for sale has become easy because our site allows you to search for a perfect car irrespective of types and prices. But before buying a car you need to decide the purpose for which you are buying a car. As we offer a range of cars that varies in colours, style and design but these depends on your personal taste. Nevertheless, if you wanted to simplify the process you can choose the filter search feature of our site to get the perfect car for you. If you are a first time buyer then buying from our site will be an exciting and emotion free experience. Low in budget? Not to worry at all because we offer used cars as well. Sometime buying a brand new car can be difficult on part of money this is the time when getting a used car is helpful if you know which one to buy.

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If you take a virtual tour of our site's vehicle section you will find both new and used cars and their parts and accessories as well. We offer cars from reputed brands such as Toyota, Mercedes, Volkswagen and much more. Jumia Ethiopia offers you freedom of choice because you can consider a variety of vehicles in the right price and class you want. You can even select your favourite colour and choose whatever features you want in your car. Before you order a car with precise specifications you can search our site for the cars that are available with suitable features you want. But what should you buy a new or a used car? You must pay attention on this part. It is true that a new car will provide you with a full factory warranty but buying a used car is also a good option because these cars are built so well that you will find them as interesting as a new one. In a nutshell, whether you are buying a new or used car it all depends on your preferences. You must do a significant amount of research before you visit our site so that you can get the perfect car in no time. We have a large selection of inventory that you might find helpful because you can often afford to get discounts on each car. Shopping on Jumia is easy due to the fact that we have well trained staff to handle each customer by replying to their queries related to any product.

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It is easy to find the car of your dreams on Jumia, no matter what you are looking for. Whether it is a small compact car for running around the city with a low fuel consumption, or you want to turn heads with a high end luxury convertible car, you can find it on Jumia. Look for estate cars with plenty of room for the family and bags of shopping, or a SUV for those with larger families. Maybe you want something more powerful? Find your perfect van or truck here. Choose the price range and specifications you want from your car and start searching. If you want to sell your car, then that is no bother, we sell hundreds of vehicles everyday.Buying cars from Jumia means you will get better price and you don't have to deal with pushy salesperson. In short we offer a hassle free buying. You can compare prices of each car to get the perfect one of which the prices are nearer to the actual value. The process of buying cars from Jumia Ethiopia is very simple, once you find the right car just email or call the dealership for a price quote and other costs that includes taxes, documents fee and title, etc. Here you can find every type of car. If you have a large family not to worry at all as we offer SUV and estate cars and if you want something powerful then there are van and truck for you. You can find the best price with specifications that meets your need. So start searching for the right car because we sell hundreds of vehicles to choose from. We offer all kinds of cars that range from high-end models and luxury convertible cars to a small car that runs on small fuel consumption. You can find all of them in one place no matter what you are searching for.