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Of course, it's not compulsory but really, what better way is there to feel relaxed while sitting in front of your PC or TV playing lovely games. You want to play a soccer game with a friend and you only have one gamepad controller, then you need to get another one. There's much more fun when you play games with friends than playing alone. Getting original gamepad controllers can be difficult due to the fact that there are many imitations of the real quality gamepad controllers. On Jumia, you can get quality gamepad controllers online in Ethiopia. Not just only gamepad controllers, we have other gaming accessories online for you to choose from. It might be your AV cables that need replacement or your game console memory card or you need a new set of Bluetooth gamepad controllers. As long as it is gaming accessories then you can trust Jumia. Gaming accessories isn't only about playstation consoles, we have several other brands accessories such as xbox gaming accessories, pc gaming accessories, Nintendo gaming accessories and much more.

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The number one online marketplace in Ethiopia brings to Ethiopian gamers, quality gaming accessories they need in order to enjoy playing games with friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones. Imagine having four gamepad controllers on a PC game and playing wrestle mania with three other people simultaneously. Should you need additional gaming accessories, think Jumia.