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So are you a gamer? Or perhaps is it your son who cannot keep his hands off the console? Many families this days bond over video games and like to play the games together. So instead of baseball you may have to bond with your son over Call Of Duty- Advanced Warfare. Trust us when we say this is what makes teenagers this days tick. So if you want to communicate with your child or just strengthen the father son relationship it is good idea to start it off with a video game. There are a wide variety of options available on Jumia. So no matter what genre of games your kid likes you are sure to find one or more titles under that genre. The games are highly entertaining and sure to keep the young ones and not so young ones glued to the console for quite some time.

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There are other popular game titles available on Jumia. This includes the most famous Call Of Duty franchise where you can play the role of a solider at war. This game has some stunning visuals and game play techniques. So if you are looking for some first person shootout which requires some survival skills, look no further. Injustice on Playstation 4 is the game for you if you are drawn by science fictions and love to blow things up. This games offer a virtual reality to the players where you and other players will be able to conquer battles, slay enemies and become heroes. The intense graphics and interactive programming of the games on Jumia will make it very hard for you to resist. You will not let go off the console and may end up spending hours and not resting till the mission is over. With the advancement in computing and networking technologies, these games have become really addictive and fun to play. You can connect with other gamers across the world through the internet and then compete with them.

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On Jumia you get the latest video game titles at great discounts. Now you can have the CD's before any of your friends and do not have to wait to find it second hand. Due to the wide variety of titles you will get a lot of choices on Jumia. If you have children at home this can be the perfect birthday present or even a great Christmas present. You can reward your kids for their academic performances by gifting them the game they have been bugging you for a long time. While buying make sure you buy games that are compatible with your console. There are also different video game consoles available on Jumia should you find the need for an upgrade. No longer do you have to wait in serpentine queues to find the latest released titles. You can order them at the click of a button and they will be delivered to your address. Due to the large number of sellers on Jumia, we can offer the games at best prices possible. Once you browse through the titles you will find the prices are quite a bargain. So what are you waiting for? Buy your favourite title and start gaming today! Since it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, you can have a go after your kid has finished it!