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Wanting to look good is in born for women. Among the variety of fashion accessories that women adorn, bracelets are becoming more popular by the day. As opposed to ancient times when bracelets signified wealth, in the modern times, bracelets stand for personal expression. There are two categories of bracelets available in the market. One belongs to those made from expensive materials like gold, silver and platinum. The other is for those who prefer every-day jewelry, copper, wooden and beaded bracelets. The beauty of a bracelet resides with the fact that- it can spruce up your appearance singularly few notches higher. Suppose you are going to a ball night, complement your gown with a striking and wide metal cuff. You don't need anything else to grab the eyeballs of everyone, at the event. Again if you are participating in a friendly tennis match, then give your sporty look a perfect finishing touch with a multi-colored woven bracelet. Ethiopian women and ladies are known to possess impeccable style and chutzpah. For them, Jumia Ethiopia is a blessing in the form of an online shopping site that has enviable range of women's jewelry collection, especially of bracelets. The e-commerce space of Ethiopia is exploding with many big and small players springing up but none can match up to the bar- set by Jumia Ethiopia in terms of product variation.

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On Jumia Ethiopia, you will you feel like a kid in a candy store. A simple browsing through our pages depicting breath-taking bracelets will evoke the urge in you to almost purchase all of them at once. Sometimes, a big dilemma that arises when you are attending an important work-place meeting or a casual Sunday brunch with friends is- what right fashion accessories to complement your attire; especially if you are a woman with subtle charm and believe in 'less is more'. A beautifully crafted bracelet can be your savior in the time of urgency. If it's an intrinsically crafted golden or ladies' silver bracelet from Jumia, then rest assured that every head will turn towards you. If you are a man then feel special as- Jumia Ethiopia has something in store for everyone. First of all, we offer plenty of striking unisex bracelets in nickel, copper or other metals that shall gel perfectly well with a man's suit or t-shirt-and-jeans combo. Secondly, being a man, there is nothing more pleasurable than to light up the faces of the women of your life- be it mother, sister or wife. Jumia's exclusive range of bracelets covers the requirements of women from various age groups, from 16-60. The artistic team of this site has taken inspirations from various cultures and civilizations of antiquity including that of Ethiopia, and then translated them into crafting awe-inducing pieces of bracelets.

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When you are buying a bracelet online, from your side, you should check the size carefully as not every bracelet will slip into the wrist of every size. Apart from that, another concern that often plays in a buyer's mind would be about the purity of the material. As whenever you wear a bracelet, it tends to adorn your wrist for a long time. If the material contains any toxin that it may leave your skin itchy and reddish. So if you are planning to buy from our site, you don't need to think about the quality of the material, sustainability and the level of purity. Not only for casual day-to-day wear, we at Jumia are also renowned for our royal bracelet designs that will match with a bridal dress to the T, especially if its tigryan silver set with white décor. Ankle bracelet is completely different in terms of appeal from a wrist-bracelet. If you like to wear miniskirts or knee-length cocktail dresses or shorts- then a single string of ankle bracelet from Jumia, adorning your leg, will earn you brownie points on the looks department.