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The long term relationship between women and jewelry is as old as civilization itself. There is hardly any woman who doesn't crave beautiful ornaments. In the past, emphasis was more on the heavy and complicated looking ornamental pieces but at present, the modern day women prefer mainly lightweight and simple jewelry sets and designs, which sail them through in every situation- from corporate board meeting to romantic dinner. Whatever your jewelry needs are, you will find them here on Jumia. Women in Ethiopia are known for their love for traditional jewelry but they also crave designs- that are right now trending in the global fashion circuits. Jumia brings just that to their door-steps. On here, you will find the finest blend of traditional Ethiopian jewelry with a modern touch. Jumia is slowly becoming the number one choice, as a fashion site for women across various age groups in Ethiopia. If you are a woman with extravagant taste, then you should include the elaborate gold-plated jewelry set from our stable in your precious jewelry box. On the other hand, if you are a buyer with subtle taste, then rest assured that a set of golden hair pin and necklace, that looks sleek and smart, will surely elevate your appearance few notches higher. A piece of women's jewelry is not only a style statement for a woman but a part of her identity.

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For many women, shopping for jewelry is nothing but a ritual. With Jumia Ethiopia by your side, you have nothing to worry when it has to do with jewelry, ornaments and gems. A woman must keep some timeless, classic jewelry which she will make some classy impression about her. A set of gem encrusted women's accessories from Jumia Ethiopia simply deserves to be the heirloom of your family. On the other hand, if you are a multi-tasker who needs to manage the activities relating to both outdoors and indoors in your life, then you need to have some simple and fuss-free pieces that will complement your day-to-day casual as well as formal looks. A demure set of Ladies' Nickel Necklace with A Bracelet from Jumia will gel wonderfully well with your formal shirt and trousers look. If you are planning to team up your shirt with a pencil skirt, then a sleek Ladies Gold Plated Jewelry Set shall look best on you. Apart from the formal events, a woman's life is full of informal outings such as- girl's night-out, long drive, brunch to name a few. Fortunately, Jumia has in store something to suit each of these occasions. Whether its embellished leaf jewelry set or bejeweled necklace set- there is no doubt that any of these pieces will make you star of the event.

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If you are going to make the first online jewelry purchase move of your life, then it's highly recommended that you should start on Jumia Ethiopia. The online retail space of Ethiopia is bubbling with big and small players but among them- Jumia stands out with its unfaltering quality, transparency and swift customer support including shipment method. When you are spending a considerable chunk of your hard-earned money for owning a jewelry set - it's all the more important that you put your trust with an online shopping site that believes in purity of materials and their sustainability. It's in the mission of Jumia Ethiopia that the site only sources jewelry from the authentic sellers with uncompromising qualities.If you are a man and think that shopping for jewelry brings satisfaction to the female folk, you may be wrong. There is nothing like making the loving women of your life smile, and what better way to do that than browsing through the pages of Jumia, hitting the 'buy' button and then gifting the precious piece to the woman you love? If you are a budget buyer, then also you can check our various discounted offerings and get value for your money.