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Perfumes have been in existence for a considerable length of time. The art of making perfumes or fragrances first originated in ancient Egypt and was carried forward by the Romans. Earlier and even till today, the mechanism of making fragrances has remained the same. They are made by distilling different types of flower and spices in oil. On Jumia, you will be dazzled by the sheer variety of fragrances that are available. There is an entire section specially set aside for women. It is a fashion statement among women. What brand of women's perfume you have on you speaks a ton about your personality and taste. You can have the best designer outfit and accessories but still spoil the whole appearance by choosing the wrong fragrance. The right perfume will make you appear more posh, glamorous and definitely sophisticated. A lot of celebrities today are seen endorsing certain perfumes. It is no longer a separate accessory but a constant part and parcel of the designer lifestyle. The 'For Her' section on Jumia has different fragrances for different moods. You can wear one to a certain type of event. A fragrance that may work well on someone you know may not always work well on you. So do not select brands by the preferences of others, choose one according to yours.

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Shopping for your new scent offline can be frustrating. You would have to avoid using any scented body washes, lotions, or perfumes before going to shop because you would want to smell the scents on your skin without distraction. And even that isn't assured with the number of scents drifting about in the atmosphere of your fragrance store. You are bound to be confused. However, Ethiopia' s largest online marketplace allows you to sharply pick out the right perfume without a lot of stress. As long as you are well versed in the terminologies of fragrances and perfumes, you can easily find the right scent for you. Some of the terms you are sure to encounter while shopping for fragrances include; Perfume often comes in the smallest bottles, with the largest price tag. And with 15 to 30 percent perfume oil mixed with alcohol, perfume contains the highest percentage of oil, making it the most concentrated and potent. Eau de Toilette contains a slightly higher percentage of perfume oil, and is mixed with alcohol instead of water, making it more fragrant. Eau de Cologne entails three to five percent perfume oil in a mixture of alcohol and water, making it lighter and refreshing, typically with a citrus oil component. Eau de Parfum is heavier than Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette, but lighter than Perfume, with a higher percentage of perfume oil (roughly 15 to 18 percent) mixed with alcohol. It is also important to consider the season. Perfume scents last longer in warmer months than they do in cooler months because skin is usually more hydrated, and moisture will hold the fragrance, therefore one should opt for lighter scents in warmer months, and heavier ones during the winter.

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The fragrances available on Jumia can be broadly divided into two types, not strictly based on the different families of perfumes, because families are classified by ingredients, but by their construction. By understanding the condition, you will be able to tell whether a particular will have any adverse effect on your skin or not. All the fragrances are made of three notes; the top, the middle and the base. It is the base note that lingers a long while after you have applied the perfume. So if you want a fragrance that lingers for a long time, opt for something with a stronger base like vanilla or cinnamon. The fragrances available on Jumia have a very beautiful top note. This is the immediate smell you get after applying the perfume. The top notes start to disintegrate after a few minutes then it is the middle note you smell. The better the middle note is, the better quality the perfume holds. This is what defines the fragrance and makes you smell nice and fresh. So it is not the first whiff of a perfume that should make you decide on its functionality. It is really after you have it on for a whole day when you begin to understand the fragrance. Often times you may be disappointed in the initial smell but grow to love it after a certain amount of time.

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So evidently, selecting the right perfume cannot be an easy task, especially if you are in a store with all the different smells hanging about in the air. It can be very misleading. While you shop on Jumia you do not have to go through the confusion of a stores atmosphere because you would be selecting your perfume online. This is very helpful if you already know what you want and cannot get them anywhere at your local stores. If you are new to buying perfumes you will have to go through the various products and do some research before you find the right scent. There are also other different health and beauty cosmetics available on the website that are bound to capture your attention. They are very reasonably priced and are presented in a variety of labels and brands that will leave you spoilt for choice. You can also zone down on the item of your choice by searching through internationally acclaimed brands. Besides perfume the 'For Her' section, on Jumia have different skin care products that are helpful for women. There is a coconut body wash that has a very refreshing aroma and other body washes that will make you feel rejuvenated once you have used them. After you have shopped online on this web portal the purchased products will be sent to you through courier services. The shipping is fast and effective and takes a minimum amount of time to reach your doorstep, regardless of whether you are at your office or your place of residence. So if you are thinking of buying perfumes and colognes or any other cosmetic products this is definitely the place where you should do it. You can avail great discounts and offers to buy this products at even cheaper price.