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Women's accessories like rings on Jumia are usually set with gems or some kind of precious or semi-precious stones, their alloys or they are metal-coated. One of the most important things about rings is that the material used in making the ring indicates the class of the wearer. Rings can be worn for a variety of reasons in weddings, engagements or for any other event. Rings range from simple designs to complex designs with gemstones depending on the occasion for which you are wearing them.

You will find the most popular type of rings on Jumia Ethiopia where you can get more information and details on each ring. With so many options available from high-end platinum to low-end tungsten. There are also different karat quality of gold rings ranging from 14, 18 and 22 to 24K to choose from on Jumia. Some other types of metals, palladium, sterling silver, titanium, tungsten can be bought on Jumia Ethiopia, as well as the plated jewelry versions of these metals.

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If you love to wear rings and opt to buy them online from Jumia Ethiopia then there are some of the most popular types of rings for different occasions. First is the wedding ring, it symbolizes that the wearer is married. It is made from some precious metals like platinum, gold with various designs. Second is the engagement ring, indicates that the wearer is engaged to be married. Third is the stone ring made from precious or synthetic stones. Some other types of rings are solitaire rings that have a single large stone in the center. Is it your big day yet or you just want to show off your fashionista side at red carpet occasions, then you can easily opt for the best among our wide range of rings for men and women. We offer authentic rings of the best material here and you can decide for your self the exact one that you desire to buy. Be it for wedding ceremony or engagement, you can find the perfect one that you will love right here on your favourite marketplace online. You don't need to bother your head about where to to buy your wedding band since you can rely on us for quality gold inspired rings right here. if you love the silver, yellow, white or platinum gold rings or your love for precious stones is can go as far the moon, then could also opt for diamond encrusted rings that will add sparkles to your appearance here on Jumia. Make your shopping a delightful experience, know your right size of ring and shop online for the material of ring your prefer.

Bands are also a unique type of ring that both men and women can wear and it comes in nearly all kinds of metal. Moreover, there are also different ways of wearing rings gracefully. If your fingers are small opt for the ring in straight line design that helps in lengthening your fingers. For fingers that are long, rings in traverse line shape is a good choice. Your rings must be in contrast with your outfit. Moreover, avoid wearing more than two rings in a hand. Today, buying rings have become easy due to the online stores if you are buying rings online then shop on Jumia Ethiopia where you will get a variety of rings.

Where Can I find original rings in Ethiopia?

On Jumia Ethiopia you can find quality with pocket friendly price but the confusion arises on what type of ring you want. Rings have a sentimental value that lasts for a lifetime. However, you also want to get the ring within budget, in an online store you can find rings of different price ranges from very cheap to high-end rings. You can also find rings at wholesale, cheap, free resources and even in discount. There is something for everyone and comes in extremely good design and style. Moreover, on Jumia Ethiopia you will get cheap rings. From the term cheap it doesn't mean that you have to compromise in quality if you are buying for any special occasion. Whether you are buying rings for engagement or wedding, you should look at rings as the right investment.