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Women across the world always loved wearing shirts. Long time back, they used mens' shirts at home or at work places. But after some years, many garments companies started manufacturing shirts especially for women. They are made according to the body structure of women so that they perfectly fit into their body. Now we can see many women in various offices wearing shirts. The trend started in Ethiopia as well few years back. But still you can see many people living in the outskirts wearing ordinary men's shirts. Some companies in Ethiopia even made shirts as mandatory for women working at top level. The designs of women's shirt are entirely different from men shirts. Men's shirts are usually very loose in hand portion and chest portion. But women's shirts follow the same fit throughout the length of the body. Now designers have introduced revolutionary changes in women shirts. Chiffon shirts, polo shirts, round necked t-shirts, striped shirts, checked shirts etc are the most popular women shirts available on Jumia Ethiopia. For those who love to wear branded shirts can check out branded shirt section on our site. Some of the popular branded shirts available on our site are Mia, Jaclyn, Bomaca, H&M, Orsay, Decree etc. Apart from shirts you can also buy t-shirts, polo t-shirts, sleeveless and full sleeve shirts from our site.

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This is one of the major reasons behind the sudden popularity of shirts among women. Now the dress code for women in many colleges, multinational companies etc are shirts along with pants or skirts. Apart from giving a slim and trim look, wearing shirts give a perfect executive look to women. Now we can see various forms of shirts by adapting the taste of modern woman. If you check on the shirts displayed on Jumia Ethiopia, you will get an idea about the latest trendy shirts available in the market. Women who are working in offices usually prefer shirts with buttons and pockets. Young women usually prefer buying shirts with trendy designs on it. The Tm Lewin women's shirts available on our website are an example for such type. Bead shirts are getting very popular in Ethiopia nowadays. They are made following traditional Ethiopian design. Beads are used in its outer portion and the inner portion is made from pure cotton. So women will not feel any discomfort while wearing it. For casual purposes women love to wear polos and t-shirts. We also have a good collection of polos and t-shirts. Hanes, Puma, Women's Polo, Fila, Nike etc are the most selling polos and t-shirts on our site. They are available in wide range of colors and sizes in our website.

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According to some studies, it is shown that women are more confident in their work while wearing shirts. It might be 100% true. The wide collection and sale for shirts on Jumia Ethiopia is probably another example for that. We got one of the biggest collection of shirts, polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts etc in Ethiopia. Apart from that we are selling these products at the best price so that our customers can afford it. If you are planning to buy a shirt from a supermarket in Ethiopia and you are not sure about the brand or the material used in it, you simply ask the shopkeeper and buy it. But if any problem occurs with the color or fabric after two or three washed, you will end up throwing away the expensive product. But there comes the use of trusted websites like ours. Since we are selling high quality products from trusted sellers, there is no need of worry when you buy a shirt from our website. Majority of the sellers on our website had given complete details regarding the product like material used for its making, number of sleeves, pockets, colour etc. So when you buy a women's shirt from our website you will get a clear picture about the product even before buying. So what are you looking for? Buy the best women's shirts from our website and extract the best out of you.